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General advice Pyre Guide

1. The clashes in the Rites are very dynamic, and using a gamepad gives you the most control over the character. If you only can, plug in a PS4 controller.

2. Before beginning the game, you have to opt for one of three available difficulty levels. If you will discover later on that the enemies are not challenging enough (or otherwise), you can always change the difficulty in the options.

3. If you feel that a duel has ended badly for you, you can restart the game with no story consequences.

4. Before each fight, you can look up the enemies' stats and choose your team accordingly.

5. Always try to exhaust all dialogue options - sometimes characters can get minor bonuses to the next Rite at the end of a conversation. If you're not the patient type, scroll through conversations instead of omitting them entirely.

6. If you're playing on PC, be careful not to accidentally press the Esc key - this will get you straight to main menu without saving any progress.

7. The outcasts can't learn more than four skills that are unlocked via leveling a character up (there are 5 experience levels). Plan the development of each character ahead - you will only be able to max out two trees.

8. During the Rites, avoid the enemy's Aura. Should you touch it, your character will be banished for a period of time.

9. Placing two characters next to each other combines their Auras, allowing you to cover more ground.

10. Gamesaves are automatic. Watch the top-right corner - when the icon of saving appears (a line going through several points), you can exit the game without losing progress.

11. Remember that during a Rite you can only control one Hero at a time. The rest will be left vulnerable to enemy attacks.

12. Remember - you can jump over enemy aura to avoid its negative effects.

13. Also remember that you can throw the orb to reach the enemy pyre - if you don't have any alternative. When you get the point in this way, your Hero will not be banished, contrary to when you jump into a pyre.

14. Keep eyes open for the Talismans, which can be augmented with Stardust. This will help you gain advantage over enemies during the Rites.

15. When you only get the chance, check out the Wagon to talk to your team or take a look into the Book. This will let you learn new things.

16. Sprinting with the orb to the pyre will yield more points, but the character that manages to carry it all the way into the pyre will be banished for a moment. Before deciding to do it, think about how much points you need. Instead of running with a single character without any plan, try to make it a custom to bass the orb around between your team members. This will force the enemy to spread their troops, allowing you to get an easier score.

17. When choosing your team, try to balance the stats and skills. Choosing two quick characters and one strong allows you to carry out fast attacks, but also doesn't leave you defenseless.

18. If one of your characters plays in several matches in a row, they will be weakened and unable to participate in the next game.

19. Maximum Talisman level is 20.

20. Once you unlock Titan Stars, you can boost the difficulty of Rites. It should be noted that each additional obstacle is rewarded with experience points.

21. When you're choosing a team remember to organize the equipment - move the needed items into the inventory of the characters that you're actually going to use.

22. It's also worth bearing in mind that Beyonder Crystal lets you perform three Scribe Trials, in which only one character participates. The Hero is moved to a 1v3 game that will test your skills. If you succeed, you will get a powerful Talisman, suitable for the given character.

23. Remember that when your character reaches the right level, you can free it from the Purgatory. Any character, once released, will never come back, so to keep the team together you should keep the squads versatile - not play in the same configuration every time, so that everyone progresses evenly.

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