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Judgment Guide by

Judgment Guide

Table of Contents

List of side cases in Judgment Judgment Guide, Walkthrough

Last update: Friday, July 5, 2019

In Judgment, you can solve investigations and track down serial killers. In addition to the investigations and main missions, the game has a number of side investigations. The full list can be found on the next page of the guide.

Kamurocho Streets

  1. The Mad Bomber Strikes
  2. Amidst a Dream
  3. Gone with the Breeze
  4. The Mad Bomber Strikes Again
  5. Etrapment
  6. The Black Calamity
  7. Gone With the Gust
  8. Return of the Mad Bomber
  9. Gone With the Gale
  10. The Black and white Calamity
  11. Smart Watching
  12. Captain Cop (mandatory case in Chapter 7: Limelight)
  13. The Pervert King
  14. Burger Fugitive
  15. Gone in 20 Minutes
  16. The Ono Michio Bandit
  17. Love and Madness

Yagami Detective Agency

  1. There's a Panty Thief on the Loose!/The Twisted Trio: Panty Professor
  2. There's a Groper on the Loose!/The Twisted Groper
  3. My Subordinate is Missing/Queen of Hearts
  4. Where's My Jacket Go?/Tiger Jacket
  5. A Publisher's Request/ The Mystery Writer's Stratagem
  6. Another Mystery Event!/They Mystery Writer's Gambit
  7. Please Find My Son/Dangerous Hide-and-seek
  8. Let's Chat about a Pervert/The Twisted Judge
  9. A Final Event/The Mystery Writer's Masterstroke
  10. Please find my son/Perilous hide-and-seek
  11. Treacherous Hide-and-seek
  12. Revenge of the Keihin Gang / A Golden Mouse
  13. A Final Request / A Challenge

Genda Law Office

  1. Infidelity Investigation/The Darkest Place (described above; Chapter 2: Beneath the Surface)
  2. Justice is Sweet (described in the walkthrough of Chapter 4: Skeletons in the Closet).
  3. Ghost Capture Request/ The Ghost Tenant
  4. Background Investigation of My Son's Wife / Devil Wife
  5. Searching for Missing Nephew/Reckless Aspirations
  6. Second Infidelity Investigation/Way of the Detective

Bar Tender

  1. Underneath the mask (a mandatory side Case, described in walkthrough of Chapter 3: The Stickup)
  2. Entertainment Industry Job/Interview with a Detective
  3. I got honey trapped!/Honey Trap
  4. A Valuable cat/Secrets of Cats
  5. So Much Murder / Sashimi of the Fallen
  6. The Missing Diamond
  7. The Socialite's Secret (a mandatory side case, described in the walkthrough of Chapter 4: Skeletons in the Closet).
  8. Photographer job / Under the table politics
  9. The Fire Calamity
  10. Morale and Morals
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