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Prey Game Guide

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Weapon Upgrade Kits Prey Guide

An example Weapon Upgrade Kit. - Weapon Upgrade Kits - Secrets and important items - Prey Game Guide
An example Weapon Upgrade Kit.

The page contains a list of locations in Prey in which you can find Weapon Upgrade Kits. Every upgrade can be used just once to upgrade one parameter of a weapon. Depending on your preferences, you can try to develop your favorite weapons equally or focus on just one of them. The latter variant is advisable if you aim to unlock the Cold Dead Hands trophy.

Note - Finding the kits is just the beginning, as most advanced weapon upgrades require additional skill points in different abilities (e.g. Gunsmith)

Attention - This page is under construction.

Neuromod Division



Security room

The room is located right next to the Neuromod Division Lobby. The door has level 1 protection.

Exotic materials storeroom

The storeroom is in the Fabrication. You can open it by using Leverage or accessing Halden Graves' office on the highest level and using his computer to issue proper commands.

Talos I Lobby



Security office

Security Station is located on the first level of the lobby.

Yu's office

Safe in the office on the third level of the lobby.


The upgrade is in the safe on the level 1 in the closed section that leads to Psychotronics (requires General Access card from January). Use Hacking III ability to open the safe.

Hardware Labs



Security office

The office is on the lower level next to the lobby. The upgrade is inside of one of the lockers.

Machine Shop

Get to the storeroom in the corner of the warehouse (level-1 security measures).

Nickie Tannar's corpse

Examine the area on the level 2 near director Thorstein's office.




Security Room

The security room can be found on the 1st level, near the place where you've started exploring the Psychotronics Lab. You need Hacking II to gain access to the office.

Mitsuko Tokaji's office

The office can be found on the 3rd level of Lab B. Use the Mimic Matter ability to gain access to it.


The arsenal can be found near the extraction lab. The code to the door is 8714 (you can acquire it by completing The Psychotronics Prisoner side quest).




Magnetosphere' control room

Check the desk near the security computer.

A safe in the magnetosphere's control room

You need Hacking II to open the safe.

Josha Dalton's corpse

The corpse can be found in the Cargo Tunnel. You can find them during The Blackbox Project side quest.

Fuel Storage

Examine the storage room near the Fuel Storage. You must destroy a Cystoid nest located there.




Passage to Talos I Lobby

Examine the area surrounding the passage to Talos I Lobby (the one with a pair of sentry turrets protecting the door). The upgrade can be found near Carin Buckley's corpse.

Iris Stein's corpse

The corpse can be found in the eastern part of the map, in the garden section with the chess table. The neuromod can be found near the corpse.

Alex Yu's Suite

The upgrade is lying on top of a small table in the office.

Storage AR01

Use Hacking IV in order to open the Storage.

Crew Quarters




Hack your way into the locked storage room located near the Concierge (the required access code can be found in the Crew Quarters).

Recycler room

Get rid of the Phantom guarding the area (2nd level, near the stairs) and use a flashlight to find the upgrade.


Look for Clarke Rafferty's corpse - it can be found in the corridor linking two theater rooms.

Morgan Yu's apartment

Examine the bedside cabinet near the bed.

Locker Room

Examine all the lockers in the Locker Room.

Sary Elazar's cabin

The upgrade can be found in cabin 101 - it can be accessed through the ventilation shaft.

Jady Marks's cabin

The cabin has a number 102. The code for the safe can be acquired during The Golden Gun side quest.


The access to the freezer is unlocked after advancing sufficiently in The Cook's Request side quest.

Jorgena Thorstein's cabin

The cabin has a number 107 and can be found in Crew Quarters B. The upgrade is lying on the ground.

Deep Storage



Heather Bentz's corpse

Examine the area near the stairs on level 1 of the Deep Storage.

Andrew Grey's corpse

Reach the Data Vaults on level 2 and after killing the powerful Phantom you must find the body.

Cargo Bay




The toolbox is in the main room of the Cargo bay on level 1.


Examine the storages in the main room of the Cargo Bay on level 1.

Fuel Storage Bay

Check out the small container on one of the taller shelves in the corridor with blue flames.

Shipping and Receiving

The upgrade is in one of the containers.

Cargo Bay x3

Find three red boxes in the closed containers in the Cargo Bay.

Life Support



Service Requests

The room is on level 1 and you can jump into it through a window. The upgrade is inside of one of the containers.

Security Station

In order to get inside of the station you must use Mimic Matter ability.

Supply Closet

The Supply Closet is on level -2 near the Grav Shaft. Use Hacking ability or find a password.

Anong Lao's corpse

The body is in the Escape Pod Bay on level -2.

Hank Majors' corpse

The body is in the Escape Pod Bay on level -2.

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