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Prey Game Guide

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Several general rules Prey Guide

Below, you can find various tips that will help you start your adventure with Prey. This knowledge can prove useful especially in the initial hours of gameplay when not all gameplay mechanisms are fully clear to you yet. More detailed advice connected to combat, exploration, and crafting can be found in further pages of this chapter.

  • Starting the game for the first time, it’s best to choose the normal difficulty level. It provides enough of a challenge, especially given the fact that aliens often behave differently than monsters in other action games. They force the player to adopt a specific tactic in recognizing and fighting them. Playing on hard, you have to be much more careful and spend more time on exploring the environment in order to find supplies or alternative paths that would allow you to avoid strong enemies or ambush them. The Nightmare difficulty level poses a great challenge since even several attacks of a regular Mimic can kill the protagonist. It’s an interesting choice only after you’ve mastered the rules of the game and the station and are looking for the ultimate challenge.
  • The choice of difficulty level is not final and can be freely changed if, for example, a fight turns out to be too difficult to win. What’s interesting, modifying the difficulty level is profitable since no achievement is tied to it. Thus, you won’t make getting any trophy impossible as a result.
  • Prey is categorized primarily as an action game but it isn’t a title when acting hurriedly is advisable. Entering new areas with no preparations and without even minimum reconnaissance can get you suddenly surrounded by, for example, a group of Mimics that will be more difficult to defeat in direct combat. Careful exploration of the station will also help you obtain valuable supplies and items that are useful in reaching places that, for example, require you to have an adequate keycard.
  • Try to quickly obtain basic weapons (GLOO Cannon, Shotgun, Pistol) and human abilities (provided that you aren’t playing with the aim of NOT using these). This will significantly help you not only eliminate enemies but also explore the station since gaining access to many guarded areas require you to use some abilities (e.g. Hacking or moving heavy objects). Tips concerning the order of unlocking abilities can be found in the “Character development” chapter.
  • Similarly to the Dishonored series, some locations contain maps that help you become acquainted with the area. Although the presence of the full-fledged map that can be brought up at any moment is a “novelty”. You should look at it as often as possible because the most important locations (main rooms, transitions between locations, Grav Shafts) and devices (Recyclers, Fabricators, and others) are marked on it. What’s more, the map is constantly updated and therefore lets you establish which places you’ve already visited. Attention – complete maps of the nearest area can be downloaded from computer workstations that can be found in Security rooms, among other places.
  • Not all creatures and devices you encounter are hostile by default. Some non-player characters can be talked to and helped. The same goes for the station’s security measures such as turrets that by default attack only aliens. However, bear in mind that decisions made during the game can influence attitudes towards the protagonist. For example, unlocking too many alien powers will cause some turrets to treat the main hero as an enemy and open fire on him with no warning.
  • Open your journal frequently. Apart from the main story quests, it can also contain lesser, optional quests. You can set any quest as active which will make reaching the corresponding location easier. In Prey, you aren’t awarded experience points for questing, but you can gain new allies, unlock trophies, or reach stashes with incredibly valuable supplies by completing missions.
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