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How to unlock all achievements? Prey Guide

The chapter contains hints on how to unlock the platinum trophy in Prey. The description includes suggestions concerning preparations to subsequent playthroughs and how to limit the time required to unlock all achievements.

Unlocking the platinum trophy (or 100% achievements) in Prey is quite time-consuming and often forces the player to thoroughly explore the environment in search of various secrets, story items, or characters that can be interacted with in one way or another. Luckily, similarly to Dishonored, trophies can be unlocked regardless of the selected difficulty level. If you don’t want to strain yourself and only care about a relatively quick platinum, then you can simply complete all playthoughs on easy.

The most important trophies connected to playstyle

In order to unlock the platinum trophy, you have to complete the game at least three times. This is because two achievements force you to play in a specific way and are mutually exclusive. These are:

Other trophies connected to playstyle

Apart from the two abovementioned trophies, you also have to take into account several others. Namely:

  • Abandon Ship – the trophy requires you to use Alex’s shuttle to escape the station. It’s a unique ending that lets you beat the game early. Attention! Selecting this ending is a good idea if you want to complete the campaign in a given playstyle (e.g. without using powers or killing humans) and quickly.
  • I and Thou – this trophy forces you to complete the game in the most emphatic way.
  • Awkward Ride Home – this trophy forces you to complete the game by means of a shuttle escape with Dahl only.
  • Do No Harm – the trophy forces the player to complete the game without killing any human being.
  • I and It – this trophy, unlike the previous one, requires you to kill EVERY human. For obvious reasons, it is mutually exclusive with Do No Harm and this is why they have to be unlocked in separate playthroughs (e.g. kill everyone in the first, save everybody in the second).
  • Missing Person – this trophy is awarded for finding all the station workers.

Trophies connected to collecting items

Regardless of your playstyle, you have to also take into account the trophies from the list below. They require you to find secrets and other valuable items in many different areas of the station. These achievements are best unlocked in the first playthrough. Spend as much time as possible on exploration in order not to miss anything. The said trophies are:

  • Black Market – finding all black market stashes.
  • Dead Future Self – finding all audiologs left for the protagonist.
  • Press Sneak – reading all e-mails.
  • Prism Master – reading all installments of Starbender.
  • Psychometry – hearing all audio messages.
  • Transtar Gourmand – tasting all kinds of food and drink.

Important information on saving progress

One of the most important information about Prey is that it allows you to freely save your progress on all platforms. Prey offers both the quick save feature as well as manual saving. Use both options as often as possible since they aren’t limited in any way.

It’s best to save game before every important scene. This habit has two advantages:

  • If you make a bad decision or fail a mission objective, you can go back to the previous save and try again.
  • After making a key story decision (e.g. about murdering an important NPC) and unlocking the connected achievement, you can go back to the previous save. This gives you the chance to behave differently while replaying the scene and save a lot of time.

It’s also a good idea to create manual game saves every time you reach a completely new area or start a new major mission. Try to keep them for later. Thanks to this, you can easily go back to places suitable for unlocking combat achievements, for example, after you’ve already beaten the game once.

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