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Pokemon GO Game Guide

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What's a Pokestop? Pokemon GO Guide

Last update: Thursday, July 14, 2016

Their function is twofold: those are place where you can get different items for free, as well as (after placing there the right module) catch a whole bunch of Pokemons. Below, you'll find a list explaining both these mechanisms.

What are Pokestops and how to find them?

Pokestops are simply places where you can obtain items, as well as hunt Pokemons (about that - a bit later). They are marked on the map with blue icons - however, they only appear on the map if you're within the radius of 1-1.5 km away; to be able to interact with it, you need to be at least 150m from it. You of course don't have to approach the building directly: that's sort of useful if it's a court or police HQ.

If your within the right distance (if you're too far, you will be informed by the game about it) the Pokestop will become active, and it's icon will change - now, it will remind a disc. Taping on this icon will bring a screen telling you what is this building in reality (church, monument, morgue, etc.), and (most importantly) it will allow you to obtain items.

In order to do so, just slide your finger from left to right (simulating a coin spin) of the object's picture to set it in motion. The building will be spinning and throwing out items - just tap on them to collect. The number and quality of the items is random - sometimes you won't get anything nice, other times you will get a loads of cool stuff. After the drawing, the building will be inactive for 5 minutes - its icon will turn purple; when it gets active again, it will become blue.

The items that (currently) can be obtained there are:

  • Pokeballs - used to catch the Pokemons. It's the most typical award.
  • Potion - used to regenerate Pokemons' HP.
  • Revive - allows to get your Pokemon back on its feat when it fails while fighting an enemy's Gym.
  • Razz Berry - allows weakening Pokemons before trying to catch them - it makes catching them easier: a strong Pokemon can run from your Pokeball several times - using the berry decreases the number of times they attempt to get free.
  • Egg - Pokemon's egg that can be placed in an incubator and, after walking the right distance for this egg (can be 2, 5 or even 10km), the egg will hatch.
  • Lucky Egg - single use item. It allows to double the amount of HP you get for 30 minutes.

Pokestops can be found (usually) in areas full of big buildings: churches, police stations, or big malls. Sometimes these can be monuments, or even small shops. All the Pokestops in the radius of about 2km from your location can be seen on the world map.

Luring Pokemons to Pokestops

Another important, yet expensive, function of the Pokestops is the ability to lure Pokemons near them. Each Pokestop can be equipped with a Lure Module. When you, or some other team member will do it, many Pokemons will approach the Pokestop. The Lure Module is effective for 30mins. Additionally, the item can be used by other players - you can temporarily join somebody or arrange it with your friends.

The biggest disadvantage of this item is the fact that it can only be (at least for now) bought for Pokecoins (premium in-game currency), or obtained for reaching a certain XP level (more on that in the chapter titled "Getting XP"). The main source of the Pokecoins is the store, where they can be bought for real money, but they also can be obtained for free.

It can be done in Gym (more about it in another chapter), which are the counterpart of the leaders' gyms from the animated series. Here, however, you don't get badges, and don't fight leaders, but you can take over a gym. After successfully doing that, you can leave one Pokemon there, which will defend the gym against other teams. Every Pokemon left in the Gym will give you 10 Pokecoin every 21 hours. Not much, but with more gyms, you can get around 50 Pokecoins a day (if you manage to hold the Gyms).

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