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How to win on Miramar in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips

The gameplay on Miramar is similar to that on Erangel. The basics are the same - up to 100 players land on the island and keep eliminating each other until there is only one person alive. However, the gameplay is a little bit different here. This is because of the island's topography and available equipment.

The first few minutes in the game

The first few seconds are the most important. Try to find weapons after landing. - How to win on Miramar in PUBG - Miramar Island - PUBG Guide
The first few seconds are the most important. Try to find weapons after landing.

The beginning of Miramar is identical to the "old" Erangel. The first few minutes are crucial. You must find a good equipment - a helmet, an armor, a backpack (with a highest level possible) and, first and foremost, a long gun. The best combinations here are an assault rifle and a sniper rifle or an assault rifle and a machine gun - this depends on where a battlefield is. Shotguns aren't that efficient here unless you have to fight between buildings. Try to find a Sawed-off shotgun if you really need to use one of these weapons. This firearm is placed in a pistol slot.

After that you have to get inside the white zone. Don't rush there - it is better to stay close to a circle's outskirts and keeping an eye on everything from a safe spot. Once you are in the zone, you should try to find an eliminate other players. But sometimes it is better to not attack someone if you don't make a clean shot or you don't have a good cover - even though you manage to kill someone, other players will know where you are immediately and shoot you. Because of that you should always use good terrain covers - hills, buildings or cars. Even a haystack can be a good cover - maybe they aren't 100% safe but they are better than standing in an open field. Try to avoid trees - they give you cover only from one side and they restrict your visibility. You won't be able to hide well during a firefight and you will get hit from all directions.

Watch out for enemies on hills

Miramar island is full of hills and mountains where enemies can hide. - How to win on Miramar in PUBG - Miramar Island - PUBG Guide
Miramar island is full of hills and mountains where enemies can hide.

Try to keep an eye on your surroundings and look for enemies on hills. Miramar is full of mountains and stone ledges where other players can hunt those who run in valleys. Examine your nearby area carefully and check if there are any enemies on hills before you try to run across an open field. If you see someone then try to approach them from behind by climbing on the same hill - fighting with an enemy that has a height advantage isn't a good idea.

Avoid buildings with open doors during the last minutes of a match. - How to win on Miramar in PUBG - Miramar Island - PUBG Guide
Avoid buildings with open doors during the last minutes of a match.

Shoot anyone when there is less than 10 remaining players and the zone starts getting smaller and smaller. The reason is simple - a battlefield becomes so small that you will certainly come across someone. Try to find a spot with a good cover that offers protection from as many sides as possible and kill an approaching enemy.

You need to have eyes in the back of your head when a battlefield gets really small and there are only about 3-5 players left - enemies are several dozens of meters from each other. This means that they can jump at you at any moment. Examine all windows and terrain obstacles carefully - use the fact that in TPP you can stand behind a corner and turn your camera to examine area safely. Don't lean while you are hiding behind a cover - your enemies can shoot you in a fraction of a second. Remember to stay away from buildings with open doors such as churches. You won't find many covers inside while enemies will be able to quickly locate and eliminate you.

Final tips

Remember about a few things:

  1. Use Vaulting. This mechanic lets you jump over terrain covers and obstacles as well as through windows. Run towards an obstacle and jump in the right moment.
  2. Remember that you can't shoot or perform any other actions while you are using Vault. Be sure that there are no enemies inside before you jump through a window - you can die with ease when there is someone on the other side.
  3. Use hills. Thanks to them you are able to examine your surroundings and see if there are any enemies nearby. But remember that this is also an easy way to die - someone can notice you or you can be attacked from behind.
  4. Don't use grenades during the first few minutes of a match if you don't need to. They become more efficient towards the final part of a match where you are able to throw them anywhere in a zone.
  5. If you are fighting in an open field, especially during the last minutes of match, then you should be on a move constantly and look around carefully. This can lower your chance to be a target of a surprise attack.
  6. Shoot everyone when there are only a few players left. A spared enemy can quickly turn from a prey into a hunter and kill you with one burst.
  7. Ignore items left by dead players, especially when there are only a few players left and the zone is really small - there is a high chance that a corpse is being watched by someone else, too. The only exception is when you run out of ammo - you can't fight without it so you have nothing to lose.
  8. Don't get discouraged if you lose. Most of the players can't win a match even after several dozens of matches (or even after hundreds of them) because a lot depends on your luck and other players' actions. Keep trying if you fail - sooner or later, your character will be the only one standing on a battlefield.
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