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What is Vaulting in PUBG? PUBG Guide and Tips

In Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Vaulting is a mechanic that was announced a long time ago. Update 1.0 finally introduced it to the game. What is this mechanic and how to use it? Read this chapter to find out.

What is Vaulting?

Vaulting is a mechanic that lets you reach the other side of an obstacle - you can jump over carton boxes that block your path or climb a wall. Before that jumping over an obstacle that was bigger than a carton box was problematic. Now, you can simply perform Vaulting.

Remember that his mechanic works a little bit different than regular jumps. The biggest difference here is that you lose control over your character - you can't change a direction in which your character is moving while you are performing this action nor you can stop it. You also can't shoot or perform other item-related actions - if you started vaulting and there is an enemy on the other side of an obstacle then you are completely defenseless until you finish this action.

How to use Vaulting?

As it was already mentioned, Vaulting is similar to a jump which means that it is connected to the same mechanic (button) and they are both done in a similar way. To get on the other side of an obstacle you have to run towards it and jump in the right moment. If you do that too early then your character will simply jump and hit that obstacle. Also, this action can't be performed if you are approaching an obstacle from an angle (diagonally) - you have to be facing it perpendicularly.

Vaulting - tips

Even though this is a simple mechanic, you should still remember about the following things:

  1. You can't use it to cross an obstacle that is taller than your character. You won't be able to climb on a rooftop or a container.
  2. Vaulting lets you jump over an obstacle but you can't use it to reach that obstacle's top. For example, if you want to jump over a small wall and get on top of a rooftop, you will have to perform a regular jump.
  3. In default, Jump and Vaulting are done with the same button (jump). However, this can be changed in a simple way. Go to the control settings and scroll down to "Common" tab - there you can assign "Jump / Vault" key ("spacebar" in default) and separate "Jump" from "Vault" (in default, this action isn't assigned to any of the keys). Simply choose a key that you want to use for this mechanic and then save the settings.
  4. Sometimes, a regular jump is better than Vaulting. This maneuver is useful when you are sure that there is an enemy behind the cover - you can shoot in midair which is impossible while using Vault.
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