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Reducing damage in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds provides quite a realistic reproduction of battlefield conditions - the trajectory of bullets is curved, falling from a greater height ends with loss of health (or in death), just like collision with a speeding car does. The same goes for damage taken from enemy fire - in majority of cases, you only have to be hit by 3-4 bullets to lose your entire health bar and end the game. For this reason, it is best to invest into buying items that decrease damage taken. Here, you can buy bulletproof vests and helmets. The same goes for taking damage from enemy bullets. On this page of the guide to PUBG, you will learn how to reduce the damage.

The condition of the vest and the helmet can be looked up in the inventory. - Reducing damage in PUBG - Battlefield - PUBG Guide
The condition of the vest and the helmet can be looked up in the inventory.

Vests ensure protection against bullets fired into the chest and they provide a small bonus to backpack's volume (each one gives the same bonus to carrying capacity). These have been divided into three tiers:

  1. Police Vest Level 1 - absorbs 30% of damage, increases character's payload by 50 points and has 200 points of durability.
  2. Police Vest Level 2 - absorbs 40% of damage, increases character's payload by 50 points and has 220 points of durability.
  3. Military Vest - absorbs 55% of damage, increases character's payload by 50 points and has 250 points of durability.

Helmets, on the other hand, protect your head from enemy fire, but they do not affect your payload. They also have been divided into three tiers:

  1. Motorcycle Helmet - absorbs 30% of damage and has 80 points of durability. It protects the head, but not the face - taking a hit into face still deals 200% damage.
  2. Military Helmet - absorbs 40% of damage and has 150 points of durability. Just like the Motorcycle Helmet, it protects the head, but not the face.
  3. Spetsznaz Helmet - absorbs 55% of damage and has 230 points of durability. It is the only helmet to provide protection to the face and absorbs 55% damage to the face.

Finally, there are a few things that should be remembered about these items:

  1. It is a good idea to pick up any of the types of the items, if you do not wear any protection. You can later on replace them with higher tier items.
  2. It is better to replace the items, if their durability drops below 40-50 points, because they cease to provide protection after 1-2 more hits. It is better to replace tier 3 vest with the one of tier 2, if there is 20 points of durability left in the one that you are currently wearing. The only exception here is the helmet. It is better to wear a tier 3 helmet with 10 points of durability, because it is the only one to protect the face.
  3. Vests and helmets with as little as 1 durability still provide the same percentage bonus to damage absorption - the only difference is that they will be useless after a single enemy attack.
  4. These items do not provide any protection against falls from heights.
  5. Cosmetic items worn on the face, such as Ballistic Mask or Gas Mask do not provide any protection.
  6. Frying pan carried on the back provides protection from damage into that region - it deflects any type of projectiles, even shotgun buckshots, and absorbs damage.
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