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Items and gear in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips

Equipment is the key issue in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Without appropriate weapons, vest, helmet healing items and a voluminous backpack, survival is a distant idea. However, there is a limitation on the number of items that you can carry and this depends on the size of your backpack and several other items - this requires you to manage them effectively and often, you will have to decide whether or not to throw away a potentially valuable item to make room for another one, of higher usability.

How to obtain equipment

There are three ways to obtain equipment in the game:

  1. Pick up one of the thousands of pieces of weapon, ammo, items or other elements of gear, scattered all around the map. What affects the quality of gear that you obtain is where you find it - the more valuable items can be found in large cities, in the military base or the power plant, but you run at a greater risk of encountering an enemy there.
  2. Collect equipment dropped by another player. After you (or someone else) kill a player, you will find a small crate next to the corpse. After you approach it and access the inventory (by pressing "I" or "TAB"), you will gain access to all the items the opponent had before dying. Then, all you have to do is drag what interests you, into your inventory.
  3. Loot supply drop crates. You can loot them for the most valuable items in the game - unique weapons, x15 sights, etc. For details, see the "Supply Drops" chapter.
When you hear the plane, look for a parachute. - Items and gear in PUBG - Tips for a good start - PUBG Guide
When you hear the plane, look for a parachute.

How to use the equipment

To access the inventory, press "I" or "TAB". This will open a the inventory screen with everything that you currently carry in your backpack. Then, there also is your character field displaying what armor you are currently wearing. The third part of the window contains your weapons. You can equip items in your backpack by dragging them- you can also do that if you want to throw away things from your backpack. You can quickly place items in your backpack without dragging them - you only have to double-click on the item and it will be placed in your inventory.

Note the windows around your firearm. These are slots for upgrades that affect your precision, suppress the weapon to make it more difficult for the enemy to spot you, or increase clip size. This mechanic is a substitute for crafting which is easy to use. You can find attachments to your weapons all around the map - you should pick them up, because a precise scopes, or a larger clip can make a difference, especially in the case of long-range weapons. There are two ways to install attachments on the weapon. You either drag the item into the correct slot, or double-click on it.


Finally, you should remember about several issues, in connection with equipment, such as:

  1. The number of items you can carry is limited by your payload. You can increase it by wearing three items: Backpack, Utility Belt and Vest. Additionally, there are three tiers of backpacks in the game - the higher the tier, the more gear you can carry.
  2. The weight of items that you carry does not affect movement in any way.
  3. Items that you equip (two main weapons, handgun, melee weapon and clothes) do not take up space in the backpack, just like ammo loaded into the weapon.
  4. Discard items that you do not use. If you do not have a shotgun, handgun or crossbow, there is no point in carrying ammo for them. The same goes for gear upgrades - attach the ones you can to your weapon and keep an additional optical sight, if necessary
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