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How to sneak on your enemies in PUBG? PUBG Guide and Tips

When playing PUBG, you will fight battles with large groups of opponents on very vast locations. It's thus easy to get caugth by surprise. The next page of the Guide contains tips that will allow you to switch roles and effectively surprise your opponent.

Use the towers

If you use the scattered towers properly, you can be sure that all the nearby players will fall dead to their knees - How to sneak on your enemies in PUBG? - Tips for a good start - PUBG Guide

If you use the scattered towers properly, you can be sure that all the nearby players will fall dead to their knees. All you need is the right sniper rifle and patience. One should use all the tall objects, especially these located in an open field.

Always watch the exits

When you enter a building, always close the door behind you. Thus, you will not reveal your position. In addition, you can use such a position to ambush other players entering the building. This method is especially effective in the last stages of the game, when the area is becoming severely limited.

We must, however, remember the windows. If you plan to stay in a certain building, choose the rooms with the least windows. This way, you minimize the risk of being exposed.

Shoot the tires

It's more effective to shoot tires of a vehicle, rather than fire at the driver - such vehicles become useless and our enemy has no way of escaping. Before the player even has a chance to get out of the car, he will be dead and gone.

Limit the display of leaves of grass

Although it may seem irrational, disabling certain graphical effects can give you a major advantage over your enemy. Reduce grass visibility and all the opponents who would try to hide in it will be fully visible to you.

Make sure you play in a headset

Being able to determine noise direction in this game is crucial - if you can hear your opponent, you can locate and eliminate him. Paying attention to the direction of fire or incoming vehicles is very useful to ambush your enemies.

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