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Pizza Connection 3 Game Guide

Pizza Connection 3 Game Guide

Make tasty pizza! Guide for Pizza Connection 3 contains tips and advice that can help you create a functioning and profitable pizza chain. In our walkthrough you will find all the secrets that will help you create your dream pizza.

This guide for Pizza Connection 3 contains many tips and advice that can help you create a functioning and profitable pizza chain. Our walkthrough can help you creat tasty pizza and beat all the competitors!

Guide for beginners

This chapter is focused on gameplay elements that are mainly connected to managing your pizza chain.

  1. Starting tips
  2. Restaurant localization and decor
  3. Creating a pizza - Menu
  4. Employees
  5. Marketing and ads
  6. Researches
  7. Checking finances
  8. Gangsters
  9. Interface


This chapter contains answers to questions about the gameplay in Pizza Connection 3. You can find here plenty of tips and tricks as well as answers to most important questions.

  1. How to earn money fast?
  2. A gangster appeared in my restaurant. What should I do?
  3. Why did my profit started to go down?
  4. Which research should be done first?
  5. The BEST pizza recipes in Pizza Connection 3.
  6. What "not to do" in Pizza Connection 3?

Pizza Connection 3 Walkthrough

In Pizza Connection 3 Campaing contains 11 missions. Our guide describes them all, including tips and advice. Pizza Connection 3 - list of all tasks:

  1. Unexpected inheritance
  2. My first restaurant
  3. A tale of two restaurants
  4. City of love
  5. French cuisine
  6. Black pudding instead of pizza!
  7. The Pizza-Blitz over London
  8. The aunt from Australia
  9. Home is the most beautiful place!
  10. New tracks
  11. I like to be in America
  12. The world is a piece of yeast dough with a sauce

Agnieszka Adamus & Damian Kubik (

About Pizza Connection 3 Game Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : January 3, 2018

Guide contains : 23 pages, 60 images.

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Pizza Connection 3 Video Game

Pizza Connection 3
  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Gentlymad
  • publisher: Assemble Entertainment
  • platform: PC

Pizza Connection 3 is an economic strategy game developed by Gentymad. It is a new entry in the series consisting of Pizza Syndicate that debuted in 1999 and Pizza Connection 2 that was released one year later. In some markets the franchise is known under the title Fast Food Tycoon.

Pizza Connection 3 is an economic strategy game in which the player must manage his business and create new dishes. The title features a pizza creator that enables the player to freely create his own variations of the meal by using more than 75 ingredients.

During the game the player must manage his restaurants and employees, decorate buildings, invest in market analyses and into marketing. Traditionally for the series, the player can fight his rivals by using dirty tactics. For example, he can sabotage the competition or bribe them.

  • Gentlymad - Developer of Pizza Connection 3.
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