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Phasmophobia Guide

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Phasmophobia: Crucifix - how to use? Phasmophobia guide, tips

In this chapter of the Phasmophobia guide, you will learn how to use the Crucifix - one of the essential items that ghost hunters take on missions.

In many ghost movies, you can see hunters waving crucifixes right in front of a ghost to scare it away, but in the game Phasmophobia, the Crucifix is used a little differently. Instead of holding it with you, throw it on the ground in the room where the ghost is located - preferably in the middle of the room. Crucifix reduces the chance of a ghost attack or a hunt but does not completely prevent it.


Before you use the Crucifix, take into consideration that it does not have an unlimited range. The impact range of the Crucifix for most ghosts in Phasmophobia is 3 meters, but with Banshee it is increased to 5 meters. One crucifix can't be used indefinitely, because it has only 2 charges - after using them you need to buy a new one.

  1. In a small room, it is enough to put one crucifix in the center. In larger rooms, it is better to use two of them on either side of it;
  2. If the ghost is out of range of the Crucifix, it will be able to hunt normally;
  3. When the ghost starts hunting, the Crucifix will not be able to protect the players;
  4. When the Crucifix works, you will not receive any information - after using the two charges, it will disappear.
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