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Phasmophobia Guide

Table of Contents

Phasmophobia: All ghosts - list, evidence, clues Phasmophobia guide, tips

Last update: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

In this chapter of the guide for Phasmophobia you will find a list of all the ghosts, as well as their characteristics, powers, a list of necessary evidence and tips on how to deal with them.

At the time of writing this guide, you can encounter 12 different types of ghosts in Phasmophobia. Some of them are relatively harmless, but they are malicious and will make noise, as well as manipulate objects (the famous Poltergeist), while others are extremely strong and scary (Banshee, Demon). To correctly determine the type of ghost that haunts a particular building, you will need to collect solid evidence. Therefore, it is worth knowing what are the characteristics of each of them.

Banshee is one of the most dangerous ghosts you can encounter in Phasmophobia - Phasmophobia: All ghosts - list, evidence, clues - Basics - Phasmophobia Guide


Banshee is one of the most dangerous ghosts you can encounter in Phasmophobia. The Banshees are famous for stalking their prey until they eliminate it.

  1. Powers: Banshees can hunt players located at a considerable distance from the haunted room, which makes it impossible to hide from them effectively;
  2. Strengths: The Banshee focuses its attention on only one target and will attack it in each phase of the hunt until the victim is eliminated. Then, it chooses a different target;
  3. Weaknesses: this spirit is much more afraid of the Crucifix than other spirits. The effective range of Crucifix against the Banshee is increased from 3 to as much as 5 meters;
  4. Evidence: Freezing Temperatures, Fingerprints, EMF level 5.

If the hunting phase starts very early, e.g. after a short time after entering the building, it may mean that you are dealing with a Banshee. Pay attention to who the ghost attacked and whether it will happen again during the next phase of the hunt. If so, you can rest assured that the rest of the team is safe. You can use it to gain an advantage over the ghost and gather the necessary evidence.


Demons are some of the most aggressive ghosts that you can meet in Phasmophobia. They attack much more often than other ghosts and usually without warning, forcing players to hide frequently.

  1. Powers: very high aggressiveness;
  2. Strengths: Demons attack much more often than other spirits and need no encouragement to do so;
  3. Weaknesses: if you ask the right questions and get an answer while using the Ouija Board, the character's Sanity will not be compromised;
  4. Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures.

If you are dealing with a demon you need to gather the necessary evidence as soon as possible. To cool down the demon's urges, you should have a Crucifix and Smudge Sticks at hand. Sanity pills will come in handy, to quickly build up the Sanity of your character. If you want to use Ouija board the basic question should be: (where are you?).


Jinn is one of the ghosts that you can encounter when completing missions in Phasmophobia. He will attack only when his territory is breached and he feels threatened.

  1. Powers: Jinns tend to tinker with electronics so they often play with light, turn on the TV, radio, etc.;
  2. Strengths: during the hunting phase Jinn moves with considerable speed;
  3. Weaknesses: power outage will prevent Jinn from using power and manipulating electrical devices;
  4. Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, EMF level 5.

You can quickly realize that you are dealing with a Jinn-type ghost when electrical devices around you are going crazy. Since the Jinn are territorial spirits, they may be more active when you stay in the haunted area for longer - in such cases, the hunting phase may occur much more frequently.


Mare is another type of ghost that you may encounter while completing missions in Phasmophobia. Ghosts of this type are extremely dangerous in total darkness so be on your guard as soon as the light goes out in the building.

  1. Powers: power source manipulation - it can disable fuse boxes;
  2. Strengths: attacks characters with low Sanity, can initiate hunting in short intervals;
  3. Weaknesses: turning the light on reduces its chance to attack;
  4. Evidence: Ghost Orb, Spirit Box, Freezing Temperatures.

Since the Mare spirit is sensitive to light, make sure that the main rooms and escape routes are properly lit - turn on the top lights, throw lit lanterns on the ground, light candles. If you're playing in a group, consider leaving one player near the fuse box to immediately restore power when the ghost turns it off.


They are one of the most aggressive types of ghosts that you can meet in Phasmophobia. Unlike shy Shades, they become much more active and aggressive the moment they encounter more hunters.

  1. Powers: extraordinary strength allows them to throw objects;
  2. Strengths: they become extremely active when they encounter a group of hunters, which may force players to split up;
  3. Weaknesses: their high activity makes Oni easy to identify;
  4. Evidence: EMF level 5, Ghost Writing, Spirit Box.

Due to the fact that Oni become very active when hunters are in a group, you can quickly expose them and collect the necessary evidence of their presence.


Phantoms are known to possess humans, but this is not possible in Phasmophobia. However, it is worth noting the fact that the Phantom can take the form of one of the members of the group, and looking at him quickly reduces the Sanity level.

  1. Powers: Phantom can take the form of any team member and change it every time he appears;
  2. Strengths: looking directly at The Phantom quickly lowers the character's Sanity level.
  3. Weaknesses: taking a picture of a Phantom stops it from attacking for a while and makes the ghost disappear (does not work during the hunting phase);
  4. Evidence: EMF level 5, Ghost Orb, Freezing Temperatures.

If you suspect that you are dealing with a Phantom, start paying special attention to the Sanity level of the character - when it falls below 50% consider visiting the truck for a while to get some rest. It is also worth noting the fact that the Phantom can take the form of one of the players, but is not able to use objects, so his hands are always empty - pay attention to this.


Phasmophobia couldn't have gone without one of the most famous ghosts - a Poltergeist. This noisy spirit can manipulate various objects to instill fear in the hearts of hunters.

  1. Powers: manipulate multiple objects simultaneously;
  2. Strengths: Poltergeist can make a lot of noise, e.g. slam two doors at once;
  3. Weaknesses: when a Poltergeist is in an empty room he cannot manipulate objects and thus becomes ineffective;
  4. Evidence: Fingerprints, Ghost Orb, Spirit Box.

You can easily realize that you are dealing with a Poltergeist when from the very beginning many objects around you have been moved or thrown, and doors are opening and closing too often (especially two doors at the same time). Interestingly, the Poltergeist is the only type of ghost that can be identified after only two key pieces of evidence: Fingerprints and Ghost Orb.


Revenant is one of the types of ghosts found in Phasmophobia. He may not be one of the most effective spirits, but he can often change targets during the hunting phase, causing panic among a group of hunters and effectively making it difficult for them to complete their task.

  1. Powers: Revenant spirit moves faster when hunting;
  2. Strengths: can freely change its targets during the hunting phase and often jumps to the player who is in the nearest distance, which makes no one feel safe;
  3. Weaknesses: hiding from this ghost will make it move much slower;
  4. Evidence: EMF level 5, Fingerprints, Ghost Writing.

The best way to disorient a Revenant spirit is to quickly hide from it as soon as the hunting phase begins. The Revenant moves very fast when hunting its prey and in most cases you will not be able to escape from it.


Shade is another type of ghost you may encounter in Phasmophobia. Shades are shy spirits and their activity is lower when faced with a larger number of hunters. They attack at a time when the Sanity level of your character significantly deviates from the normal level.

  1. Powers: his shyness forces players to split up in order to expose him, and this exposes them to attack;
  2. Strengths: the shyness of this spirit contributes to the fact that it is difficult to detect its activity;
  3. Weaknesses: you can limit Shade's activity by staying in a group;
  4. Evidence: Ghost Writing, EMF level 5, Ghost Orb.

If during the exploration of a building (especially in a group) you have difficulty detecting the ghost's presence, it is very likely that you are dealing with a Shade. In such a situation, it is worth taking the necessary risk and leave one person in the haunted room in order to see if the ghost will appear.


The most common type of spirit in Phasmophobia, which does not have any additional powers, however, it should not be underestimated. Due to his lack of distinctive features and behavior, it is difficult to distinguish him from other spirits, especially without any evidence.

  1. Power: none;
  2. Strengths: lack of distinctive traits makes it difficult to identify;
  3. Weaknesses: Smudge Sticks;
  4. Evidence: Spirit Box, Fingerprints, Ghost Writing.

If you realize that you are dealing with a Spirit, take Smudge Sticks with you, enter a room haunted by the spirit and ignite the item (the effect lasts for 15 seconds). Then move around the circle to catch the spirit at the required distance (6 meters).


One of the most dangerous ghosts you can come into contact with in Phasmophobia, and the only one that can fly and penetrate walls.

  1. Power: the Wraith can teleport to a random player in the haunted room and emit an electromagnetic field (EMF);
  2. Strengths: due to his ability to fly, the Wraith does not touch the ground, and thus leaves no footprints and is difficult to track, it can pass through walls, as well as see through doors, closets and cabinets;
  3. Weaknesses: sensitivity to Salt;
  4. Evidence: Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures, Spirit Box.

If you suspect that you are dealing with a Wraith - type ghost, scatter Salt in narrow corridors, doors, and any escape routes to buy some time when escaping - this will force the ghost to stop the attack. Also be careful where you hide during the hunting phase, because the Wraith can see through doors, closets and cupboards - try to break his line of sight by hiding behind a solid wall.


Yurei is an unusual spirit, but nevertheless extremely dangerous. Despite the fact that he does not manipulate objects and can not quickly reach his victim, he constantly lowers the Sanity level of all hunters.

  1. Powers: drains the mental health of all characters;
  2. Strengths: extremely strong effect on Sanity levels of hunters makes it possible to initiate hunting more often;
  3. Weaknesses: Smudge Sticks;
  4. Evidence: Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing Book, Freezing Temperatures.

When a character's Sanity levels decline rapidly, it may mean that you are dealing with a Yurei-type spirit. In such a situation, it is definitely worth making sure that the rooms are well lit, in order to compensate for the decrease in Sanity levels. Sanity Pills will come in handy - they can quickly improve the Sanity levels of hunters. Using Smudge Sticks in the haunted room will keep Yurei from moving and attacking for a long time, making it easier to gather the necessary evidence.

Aggressive ghosts

In Phasmophobia, you can distinguish a few types of particularly agressive ghosts that will attack more frequently than others.

  1. Demon: the most aggressive ghost, often attacks for no reason;
  2. Oni: manipulates items like a Poltergeist, but he is almost as agressive as a Demon;
  3. Banshee: an agressive ghost known for its relentless. He might follow a single player until he manages to eliminate his prey;
  4. Revenant: an aggressive ghost that can attack at high speed. He can also switch targets during the hunting phase.
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