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Persona 5 Game Guide by

Persona 5 Game Guide

Table of Contents

December | Walkthrough Persona 5 Guide


Key events of the specific day


Start the day by meeting with Haru Okamura (Dialogue lines: 1) A, 2 any response, 3) Any - Empress Rank 8). Spend the evening with Munehisa Iwai (Proficiency +2, Hanged Man Rank 10).


Spend the day with Haru Okamura (Answers: 1,2 Any, 3) A or B, 4) Romantic/Platonic - Empress Rank 9). In the evening, read Cinema Treasures.


In the evening, finish playing Star Forneus (Proficiency +2) and meet with Hifumi Togo (Star Rank 10).


Go fishing in Ichigaya (Proficiency +2). Then, buy all of the available books in Shinjuku Bookstore. In the evening, read Essence of Gaming.


Spend the day with Haru Okumura (Empress Rank 10). In the evening, read Essence of Batting.


At this point of the game, you can allow yourself some flexibility. The optional event will be marked as "***" -> you can either stick to the walkthrough or pick another path. If you are experiencing some problems with the fight, you can spend your time on grind in Mementos, or progress in Shido Palace.

*** Go to the court and try to obtain home run.

In the evening, spend some time in Leblanc. Listen to the patrons and, after they leave the club,, read Essence of Fishing.


*** Spend your free time with Futaba Sakura w Akihabara and you will receive a gift,

In the evening, read Playing the Game (Charm +3).


*** Spend your time with Futaba Sakura in Asakusa Nakamise Street to receive a gift,

In the evening, listen to the guests and read Wise Men's Words (Knowledge +3).


*** Spend your time with Yusuke Kitagawa in Meji Jingumae to receive a gift,

In the evening, read Ghost Encounters (Guts +3).


This is the end of your free choices. During the day, play Punch de Outch (Charm +2) and in the evening read Buchiko Story's (Kindess +3).


Spend the entire day and evening on finishing Punch de Outch (in total, Charm +4).


For the whole day and evening, play Akato Railway (in total, Kindness +4).


During the day, finish Akato Railway (Kindness +2) and start a new game: Blood Temple (Guts +2).


During the day and the evening, finish Blood Temple (Guts +4).


Spend the day and the evening playing Hated Goemon (Charm +4).


It's time to stop by at Shido Palace. You should be able to reach the treasure (if you did not, load up the game save from the flexible choice and progress in Palace beforehand). In the evening, call up Sadayo Kawakami and play Professional Golf (Proficiency +2).


Win Shido's heart. In the evening, read the message from Yuuki Mishima to obtain a mission.


The results of your sojourn to Shido.


Learning together for the exams. In the evening, play some Professional Golf (Proficiency +2).


The day of the exams! Correct answers are: D, C, A, B


Exam day 2. The answers are: C, C


The final day of the exams. Select answers: D, B. Now you will have you last visit at Mementos. You have to complete all of the missions to obtain the trophy. In the evening, call Sadayo Kawakami and finish Professional Golf (Proficiency +2).


Group meeting...


The last Dungeon in the game! Remember to finish Strength Confidant. During the final conversation with Igor, you will get to choose the ending ... the end of the game! Now, you can replay the game in Newgame+ mode with new choices to make!

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