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Persona 5 Game Guide

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Table of Contents

April | Walkthrough Persona 5 Guide


Most important events in that day


Moving to Leblanc.


Shujin High School visit.


Classes at school begin.


A test at school, the correct answer is B (Knowledge +1)

An investigation and examination of Kamoshida's Palace.


Investigation continues.


Conversation with Ann Takamaki.


Infiltration of Kamoshida's Palace.


Visit in the clinic. You shouldn't spend your money, it is better to save it for later.


Visit in the Untouchable. Similarly as previously, you shouldn't spend your money. In the evening you will complete a crafting course (Proficiency +2).


A very busy day.

After noon you should go to Shujin High School Library and borrow a book about Captain Kid.

Go to Shibuya Underground Walkway, borrow a job booklet and start a job (in convenience store).

Go to Flower Shop in Shibuya Underground Walkway. Inside you should buy Bio Nutrients - you can use it in your room to increase Kindness!

Buy items that restore SP in Vending Machines. You can also buy some crafting materials in Second Hand Store in Yongen-Jaya.

Go to the clinic and spend some time with Tae Takemi (this will provide you with Death Rank 1 and Guts +1).

Clean your room in the evening.


Another quiz awaits you at school. The proper answer is B (Knowledge +1). Spend some time with Ryuji Sakamoto after noon. During the conversation select Answer A (Chariot Rank 2) in the first question. Once you return to your room in the evening, plant Bio Nutrients (Kindness +2) and go to Leblanc bar. Speak with all customers and read the book about Captain Kid.


Read the book about pirates while riding the train (Guts +3). In the afternoon go to the library and change the book to one about Zorro. While in Kamoshida Palace you should go as far as possible, it would be good to reach the Treasure Room.


Write a calling card after the school. During the evening start crafting - you can gain even +3 Proficency!


Visit in the Kamoshida's Palace. By default you should complete the location and obtain Kamoshida's Heart.


The correct answer to the question in the class is B (Knowledge +1). Spend some time with Ryuji - select answer A (Chariot Rank 3) in the first and second dialogue. In the evening spend some time with Sojiro Sakura (Hierophant Rank 1) in Leblanc.


Go to the underground passage in Shibuya in the afternoon and drink juice (Charm +1). Then watch a movie in Shibuya Theater (Guts +3). Start reading the book about Zorro in the evening.


Read Zorro in the train (Kindness +3). Answer A,C (Knowledge +1) to the questions at school. Then go to the library and change Zorro book to Alluring Dancer. Spend some time with Tae (Guts +1, select answers A and A, Death Rank 2). In the evening visit Yongen-Jaya Bathouse and take a bath (Charm +3).


Go to Shibuya Duner and order Nostalgic Steak (Knowledge +2, Kindess +1). Spend the evening with Sojiro Sakura (Kindness +3, select A, B, A, Hierophant Rank 2 in the dialogue).


Select answer B (Knowledge +1) in the class. Spend the afternoon with Ryuji Sakamoto. In the evening you should learn to make coffee in Leblanc (you must have Hierophant arcana!)


Spend the afternoon with Ryuji Sakamoto (select B and A in the dialogue, Chariot Rank 4). In the evening visit the Bathhouse and take a bath (Charm +3).


Spend some time with Ryuji Sakamoto in Ogikubo (select answer A in the dialogue). In the evening learn again how to make coffee in Leblanc (Hierophant Arcana!).


Read Alluring Dancer in the train,

The correct answers at school are: B, B, C (Knowledge +1),

Spend the afternoon with Tae Takemi (Guts +1, in the third dialogue option it is important to select C, Death Rank 3).

Spend the evening with Sojiro Sakura in Leblanc Select A and B in dialogues and you will get Hierophant Rank 3.

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