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Introduction and Prologue | P5 Walkthrough Persona 5 Guide

Persona 5 gives the player great freedom to choose how to act. You can spend days in various ways, by meeting various people, working or reading books. Each action increases character parameters or builds relations with the rest of the team. However, it is worth mentioning that some days offer bigger bonuses for specific statistics - you should take advantage of that.

The walkthrough available in the further chapters was constructed in such a way that you can make most of a single playthrough. It will enable you to increase your relations with various Confidants to the max, improve your Social Stats and discover most of what the game has to offer. It is a template to which you should stick since the beginning of the game, although you should find valuable advice for each month as well.

The walkthrough doesn't contain any serious spoilers. You won't find a description of the plot here nor details related to the gameplay. Instead, you will obtain valuable advice and tips how to get through the game in the most effective way. You will also gain access to all Mementos missions, you will read every trophy and you will get most of the achievements in the game.

Remember that you can try to slightly modify the walkthrough at some points, for example to try romance with a different character. Enjoy the game!


When you meet with other characters to improve your relations with them, make sure you are wearing proper arcana that will speed up relation building and the Rank Ups!

For example, if you meet with Hierophant arcana, you need a Persona with Hierophant arcana. You must have that arcana with you to take advantage of the relation building boost. Don't forget about it or you won't build relations as fast as it was described in the guide.


The prologue presents many late fragments of the gameplay and a travel back in time to show you how these events occurred. Here you can name your character and select the difficulty level. The guide was created based on Normal difficulty level.

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