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Pathway Guide and Tips

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Can I use sneak attacks in Pathway? Pathway guide, tips

No, Pathway doesn't offer the ability to sneak and perform stealth attacks. However, you can surprise your enemies, at least partially. If you attack an enemy, e.g. during an event, who isn't expecting you to do that and you place your units outside the enemy range, those opponents won't attack you. This method allows you to place your characters in better spots and to come up with a good strategy.

Use covers with a wall icon - they are the only covers that can keep you away from enemy sight - Can I use sneak attacks in Pathway? - FAQ - Pathway Guide and Tips

Use covers with a wall icon - they are the only covers that can keep you away from enemy sight. However, your enemy can see you moving towards a cover - this unit will be aware of your presence.

If you want to remain undetected, move from one wall to another. You won't see the enemy but neither will they. If you run past an enemy unit and hide, that opponent will be aware of your current location.

There are two names related to avoiding detection that can be misleading:

  1. Low-Profile mode - it can be used by characters wearing Medium Armor. However, this mode doesn't give you the option to sneak. It only increases the chance of evading an attack (by 40%, lasts your and your enemy's turn).
  2. Ambush - this skill can be used by a character equipped with a sniper rifle. This action uses Bravery points. Chose where you want to ambush an enemy. When someone enters this area during their turn, they will get shot. Use this ability to attack an enemy hiding behind a cover or an opponent who is currently out of your reach but will move towards you during their turn.
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