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Pathway Guide and Tips by

Pathway Guide and Tips

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Characters' stats for Pathway Pathway guide, tips

This chapter in our guide to Pathway focuses on the stats of your characters. Each character has their unique stats and perks thanks to which they are able to perform certain actions during events or improve their attack in specific situations.

Characters' stats

In Pathway, every character is different - Characters stats for Pathway - Basics - Pathway Guide and Tips

In Pathway, every character is different. They have three main stats:

  1. health,
  2. armor,
  3. Bravery points - they determine the number of special actions performed during a fight.

Also, every character has special traits, both positive and negative. Some are better at combat; others are good at negotiating etc. Try to have a balanced party. You can also pick characters accordingly to your play style. You want to fight? Choose weapon specialists.

You restore Bravery points by:

  1. performing successful attacks: +1
  2. critical attacks: +2
  3. evading: +1
  4. healing yourself or allies: +1
  5. repairing your or allies' armor: +1


Every character has their own Stats - Characters stats for Pathway - Basics - Pathway Guide and Tips

Every character has their own Stats. Move the cursor on them to read a short description of a given stat. The more points a character has in a given statistic, the better they are in a given field. Below you can find the descriptions of all the stats:

  1. Vitality (VIT) - determines the amount of health. The more health a given character has, the more hits they can survive. Each point in this stat increase health by 10. A character's overall amount of health (20+10*VIT).
  2. Willpower (WIL) - this stat determines the number of Bravery points. Thanks to these points, you are able to use special actions during fights. Try to have at least 3 points per hero. Usually, you don't need a lot of points in this stat - Bravery points regenerate fast through simple actions like successful evade or hit.
  3. Dexterity (DEX) - has an impact on a character's accuracy. Your chance of hitting an enemy standing in an open area (this enemy isn't hiding behind a cover) is always 100%. This statistic improves accuracy when you try to shoot an enemy hiding behind a cover.
  4. Agility (AGI) - determines how far you can move (how many grids you can travel), but it doesn't affect the action points (there are always two).
  5. Intelligence (INT) - characters with high Intelligence level up faster. The maximum level is 5.
  6. Reflexes (RFX) - it determines the chance of evading damage. This statistic is very useful, especially later in the game where enemies are able to deal massive damage.
  7. Endurance (END) - when a character loses all of their health, they fall unconscious and remain in this state until the fight is over. Endurance determines the number of turns you have to revive a fallen character. When a person has 1 point and you don't heal them in the next turn, that character gets removed from the party. When a character has "KO" status after the fight is over, you are able to travel with that person in your party (although this character will soon die if you don't treat them). Heal that person by using a medkit from your jeep (provided you have any).
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