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Oxygen Not Included Game Guide by

Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

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Utilities Oxygen Not Included Guide


This section contains objects and structures that directly affect the life in the base. None of these things are required to meet basic needs of your duplicates, but they do make work in some areas much simpler. The hydrofan, when connected to the gird, allows the air to cool down in its immediate surroundings. It is useful in, e.g. your room with plants, which require specific temperatures. Another way to change the air temperature is to use a thermo regulator. First you have to connect to the power gird, and then pump the gases that you want to cool down through the device, it will emit as much heat in its vicinity as it has absorbed from the passing gases. The gases that pass through one such device will change the temperature by -14 degrees. This way you can cool the air in a specific location. You can go one step further and pass the gas through several devices, until the gas reaches a temperature even as low as the absolute zero. It will can be extremely helpful in the process of obtaining water: pump steam into the device, cool it down, and then pump it into a warm room where it will turn into water. Space heater increases the temperature of the environment. You can use it to heat rooms with your crops or living space if it gets too cold. Liquid Tepidizer is used to heat water. It takes up a lot of space, needs to be submerged, and consumes a lot of power. It will also be essential in raising the temperature in waters where your plants are growing, or if you want to use water in irrigation of your heat-loving crops.

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