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Oxygen Not Included Game Guide by

Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

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Traits Oxygen Not Included Guide

Duplicates, although they resemble clones, have special features that distinguish them from their peers. These are positive and negative traits that affect their attributes or disqualify them from performing a given job. They can also affect others, their health or reduce the consumption of valuable resources. Some have positive effects and benefits, and others are negative. Each duplicate has at least one positive and one negative trait. Sometimes there are colonists who have several qualities, but they usually appear during the game, and not during the initial selection. Some positive traits add points to a skill, but sometimes they are combined with a negative trait, which prevents a duplicate from doing a certain job (despite their high attribute). It is good to know how a given combination of traits works and which traits are worth choosing.

Below you will find a list of all positive and negative traits in alphabetical order.

Positive Traits

Amphibious. It reduces the penalty to underwater movement speed. One of the least useful traits. It is better to choose someone with a higher athletic attribute and another trait.

Diver's Lung. Air consumption -25g/s. The most useful trait. The average duplicate consumes 100g/s of oxygen, where a duplicate with this feature inhales only 75g/s of oxygen. This also translates into lower carbon dioxide exhalation.

Early Bird. In the morning of each day, the duplicate gets +2 points to all abilities.

Grease Monkey. Plus 5 points to Tinkering, in addition to the points already assigned.

Interior Decorator. Additional 5 points to creativity (Art), which improves painting and sculpting, but also adds an additional 5 points to the decor expectations.

Iron Gut. Duplicate does not get sick eating unhealthy food.

Mole Hands. Plus 5 points to the Digging attribute, in addition to the points already assigned.

Naturally Robust. Duplicate has increased disease resistance.

Night Owl. At night, your duplicate gets +3 points to all abilities. Kind of nice, but the duplicate will go to bed at night anyway. Unless you turn on Red Alert, he will then ignore the need to sleep and benefit from this trait.

Quick Learner. Plus 5 points to Learning, in addition to the points already assigned.

Twinkletoes. Plus 5 points to Athletics, in addition to already allocated random points.

Uncultured. Duplicate gets a 20 point reduction to Decor Expectations, but cannot do art related work. Meaning, he can build picture frames, but cannot paint anything.

Buff. Additional 5 points of strength.

Negative Traits

Anemic. Minus 5 point to Athletics.

Biohazard. The duplicate is more vulnerable to diseases, due to his weak immune system.

Bottomless Stomach. The duplicate consumes 0.8 calories per second more than the average colonist (1.7 calories/s). Simply stated, he needs/consumes 50% more food.

Can't Dig It. Cannot perform the Dig job, although he can perform other digging related tasks, such as Harvest or Combat.

Flatulance. Your duplicate has a disadvantage that is unpleasant for the environment. He will produce a small amount of contaminated oxygen (5 grams) a few dozen times a day.

Gastrophobia. Cannot make food while working as a cook, through the Cook job. However, he can still plant and harvest crops.

Irritable Bowel. Bladder effectiveness reduced by half. Using an outhouse takes up twice as much time.

Loud Sleeper. Your duplicate sleeps loudly, probably snoring like some monster. At a distance of 3 fields, other duplicates will receive the Interrupted Sleep status, which will stress them out. Make sure you have a separate bedroom for such a troublemaker.

Mouth Breather. Your duplicate consumes 100g/s more oxygen than others. The worst trait, you should avoid it like the plaque. The colonist consumes 100% more oxygen than others, or otherwise: consumes as much air as two people. He also produces twice as much CO2.

Narcoleptic. Your duplicant can sleep at any time. It happens from 0 to 3 times a day. This is a short, compulsory nap. You cannot wake him up in any way, but he will get a small bonus to stamina regeneration.

Noodle Arms. Minus 3 points of strangth.

Scaredy-Cat. Cannot fight. So far, the game does not feature any real threats from aggressive creatures or strangers. In the current version of the game - Build 208689, it is a very good choice.

Slow Learner. Duplicate has minus 3 points to the Learning attribute.

Small Bladder. A smaller bladder means more frequent trips to the toilet. An average duplicate usually uses the outhouse once a day, and a duplicate with this trait will have to deal with this issue twice a day.

Yokel. This duplicate cannot perform the Research task. Sometimes it happens that he has high skills in this field, but this feature disqualifies him from work.

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