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Oxygen Not Included Game Guide by

Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

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Attributes and Assigning Jobs Oxygen Not Included Guide

Each Duplicate has a set of skills that determines the speed of his work in a given field. Some skills affect more than one task. Others are passive and some affect not just work. Pay attention to what duplicates you choose and try to match them to specific tasks, so that they can do their job as quickly as possible.

Duplicate Floyd (on the right) is a great miner and painter, while Gus is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. - Attributes and Assigning Jobs - Duplicants - Oxygen Not Included Game Guide
Duplicate Floyd (on the right) is a great miner and painter, while Gus is a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Duplicates may have the following attributes, which also affect the jobs from the Jobs tab.

Athletics. Affects movement speed, every point in this area is equal to 10% faster character movement. It is useful when generating energy. Important for the following Jobs: Generate Power, Deliver and Sweep.

Cooking. The higher the skill, the faster the duplicate creates food. Each point is equal to 10% faster work. It affects how the duplicate performs the Cook job with the help of machines.

Digging. Creating tunnels, digging up resources, etc. Here, one point is equal to 25% faster work. It is worth mentioning, that since you will be digging for most of the game, this is a very important skill. Influences the commands: Combat, Harvest, Floor cleaning (Mop) and Dig.

Medicine. Indicator of resistance to diseases. Every point is equal to 10% better resistance.

Tinkering. When a duplicate is operating a machine or has to fix something, this is the skill he uses. Each point is equal to 10% faster work. It will be particularly useful in repair. This will enable you to fix your important mechanism even faster. It is useful in the later stages of the game, where you build and dig less and use machines more often. Affects the Compost job, Massage and when using Hydrofan.

Construction. Creating new tiles, deconstruction or building machines and structures. Here, as with digging, every point is equal to 25% faster work. You will be building a lot, so it is worth having a good builder in the team. The job this attribute affects is quite obvious: Build.

Creativity. Everything related to art or decor is associated with this factor. It does not only affect the speed of work (each point is 10% more), but also whether you get a painting or a sculpture which is a masterpiece. It is taken into account when dealing with the Art job.

Learning. It affects two things - the speed of gaining experience and the speed of gaining research points. Each point is a 10% bonus rate of gaining experience in a given skill area. Also, every point is about 3 more research points earned each day. For this reason, it is worth having a very good scientist who, after all the research has been developed, can still become a good specialist in another field. It is important for the purposes of the Research job.

Strength. It is not connected to fighting, but rather to the amount of resources that can be carried. It is a very underrated skill, and every point is equal to a 15% increase in the maximum weight that can be transported. Although it is not written in the prompts, it does affects the Deliver job.

Assigning Jobs

Due to the fact, that a character who has a better attribute, such as athletics, will generate more electricity than the average duplicate, it is a good idea to pick certain duplicates for a given job. In the previously described Jobs tab, in the top-left corner, you can choose who performs and who does not perform a job from a given field. The game does not automatically pick the best characters for the job, so you will often see your fastest duplicate wandering around the base, while your slowest duplicate tries to run like a hamster in the manual generator. To avoid this, turn off some of the work options for the weakest duplicates.

Let only the best duplicates in their fields perform the following tasks: Art, Research, Generate Power. In addition, to not distract them from the important work, take them off of other tasks, but not all of them. You should especially prioritize the research job. The researcher will best serve the colony when he develops all of the necessary technologies, which make life easier for all.

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