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Oxygen Not Included Game Guide by

Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

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Technology Oxygen Not Included Guide

The research tree. - Technology - The Beginning - Oxygen Not Included Game Guide
The research tree.

Developing new technologies is essential in order to further develop your colony and to ensure that it functions properly. This will quickly become necessary, if you wish for your colonists to enjoy pure air, order in the base, better electricity production, or if you simply want to add some ornaments to your environment or increase the efficiency of crops. You must first prepare the research stations. Select the construction menu: Stations, then build at least one research station and super computer. The first will allow you to gain novice research points by using up 100kg of dirt. These points will be necessary for all technologies. At the first and second level, you need 20 points to conduct research. At level three this requirement will increase to 40 points. The second machine will allow you to gain 1 intermediary research point for 25kg of water. These will be required for level 2 and 3 research: 10 and 20 points respectively.

Below, a brief description of the research tree (each object is described in more detail in the chapter "Base"):

(1). The first branch concerns food production and plant cultivation. First, "Farming Tech" allows you to plant crops, that you can then eat, and to build the algae terrarium and the compost. Next, the second-level technology "Fine Dining" allows you to build the cooking station, the refrigerator and the fertilizer maker. What's more, it enables you to build better fields, which will increase your harvest.

(2). The second branch focuses on gas and heat infrastructure. "Gas Piping" allows you to build simple air circulation with pumps, pipes and vents. You can also build a special tile on which your duplicates will be able walk, but it will still allow air and other gases to flow. "Pressure Management" offers you various methods of controlling the pressure in your pipes and the construction of automatic doors.

Then you have a longer path of development of heating and cooling systems starting with researching "Temperature Modulation". At the end there is the "Insulation" technology. It will allow for the construction of upgraded pipes, wires and tiles, that will be insulated, i.e. resistant to outside temperatures.

(3). The most elaborate branch that is connected to many aspects of colonial life. At the beginning you can develop "Liquid Piping", it will allow for the creation of simple installations based on the transport of liquids, among others - water. Then there are three paths. " Sanitation" allows you to develop various sanitary facilities such as a shower or a hand sanitizer. Then "Medbay" focuses on additional medical infrastructure.

The second path concerns production and advanced transport. "Percoalition" focuses on obtaining purified water or removing CO2 from the environment by using water. "Filtration" enables you to purify or transform e.g. dirty water into purified water or have a better control over what's flowing through the pipes at your place.

(4). Everything connected to energy is located in this branch. First, "Power Regulation" allows you to produce electricity by using the legs of your duplicates. . "Combustion" focuses on more efficient ways to produce electric power, and "Performance Combustion" will enable you to access more production options when using gases. Additionally, "Advanced Power Regulation" increases your array of options when it comes to electricity conducting.

(5). The fifth branch focuses on decorating the interiors of your base. "Interior Decor" unlocks the option of placing paintings, tables, where duplicates can eat food, and graves, if one of them has somehow suffered a tragic death.

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