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Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

Time to start your own colony! The Oxygen Not Included game guide contains tons of valuable information about the basic aspects of the game, base expansion, taking care of your colonists and their needs.

The Oxygen Not Included game guide contains tons of valuable information about the basic aspects of the game, base expansion, taking care of your colonists and their needs, and the environment and the creatures, which you will encounter during exploration. You will have to adequately assign jobs, so that they match the skills of your individual colonists.

Apart from that, your subordinates will also be exposed to large amounts of stress, which, when unsuppressed, can cause very unpleasant consequences. Additionally, you will have to take care of the health of your duplicants, the warmth and even the aesthetics of your base. Lastly, you will have to handle the single most important survival factor, oxygen. Without it, the colonists on the asteroid are not long for this world, since during your compulsory "holiday" on said asteroid, Oxygen is Not Included!

The latest production from the Klei Entertainment studio is a mixture of simulation and colony management within an asteroid. In some respects, the game is reminiscent of their previous creation - Don't Starve. Not only are the graphics similar, but the most important common feature is the survival aspect. Under unknown circumstances, a group of your colonists, or rather duplicates, is located inside an asteroid. With little resources and a machine capable of "printing" more duplicates, they must create the conditions necessary to keep themselves alive.

Important! The guide is based on an early version of the game, and developers have announced changes and new items at regular time intervals. In addition, you may encounter bugs that will make it difficult or even impossible to play. Please check, if the version you are currently running is in accordance with the guide. Although many tips will be universal, some details will probably change or will be further developed.

Current version of the game guide: LU-356355, based on Launch upgrade.

The Oxygen Not Included game guide contains:

  • The first steps to take and what is necessary to survive.
  • Information, about your duplicants and their abilities.
  • Descriptions of all resources available in the game.
  • Tips on expanding the base.
  • Descriptions of structures and objects that you can build.
  • What technologies you should start researching.
  • What creatures are in the game, what do they do and how they can be used.

Mateusz Kozik (

About Oxygen Not Included Game Guide

Author : Mateusz "Kozik" Kozik for

Translator : Krzysztof "Northern" Bartula

last update : June 26, 2017

Guide contains : 36 pages, 99 images.

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Oxygen Not Included Video Game

Oxygen Not Included
  • genre: Simulation

  • developer: Klei Entertainment
  • publisher: Klei Entertainment
  • platform: PC

Oxygen Not Included for PC / Windows is a 2d science-fiction simulation game, in which your task is developing a space colony. The game was created by an indie Canadian studio Klei Entertainment, known for such games as Don't Starve, Mark of the Ninja or the Shank series.
In Oxygen Not Included you manage a space colony located on an unspecified planet. You are responsible for every way in which the base functions, from expanding room by room to managing every individual colonist and assigning their duties. The colonist can mine for resources, conduct research, manage transport, and even cook; every action can be prioritized, so that you base can function with maximum efficiency. Moreover, you also have to care for the colonist's basic needs and ensure they have access to water, food, heating and the eponymous oxygen, distributed across the base by a complex network of pipes.

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