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Overwatch Game Guide

Table of Contents

Escort Overwatch Guide

Last update: Monday, October 3, 2016

In below chapter you will find advices about three maps available in Escort mode. Some of them are for the defenders and some for the attackers. In the text you will find, among other things, information about crucial heroes and descriptions of useful shortcuts.?



  1. On this map, there are many elevated points, such as balconies, terraces or walls. This is a perfect spot to set an ambush. Snipers, such as Widowmaker or Hanzo may prove highly useful.
  2. While assailing the first square, try not to dash across the gate immediately, and use the side passage instead. It is more than certain that the enemies have taken their sniper positions there and are waiting for the first target to appear.
  3. Right past the square with the fountain, there is a wall that many heroes can climb to get to the enemy quickly and without being seen.
  4. In case of attack, always hide behind tanks.
  5. During the Escort, Reinhardt can deploy a cover for Bastion or Torbjorn's turret to hide behind. However, you should make sure beforehand that there is somebody watching their backs.


  1. Snipers can be highly useful during defense, especially at the very beginning. Climb onto a balcony and eliminate the incoming opponents. Also, cover backs of your allies and keep an eye out for flanking heroes, who like to get their opponents from behind.
  2. A good spot to handle opponents is the small balcony on the left, right above the first gate.
  3. Knockback abilities can be useful to push enemies off towards the beach close to the attacking team's spawning point.
  4. Symmetra is very helpful as a defender. She can deploy her turrets in points that are not visible to the enemy, and which will alarm you to their approach. Also, she can prove her worth here while deploying teleporters.

Route 66


  1. By the first attack point, you can push enemies off, outside of the map. Consider picking Lucio for the team.
  2. While defending the main door, pick one of the side corridors. Opponents will surely keep an eye on the gate and they will lay fire on any target that appears there.
  3. During the escort, watch out for the rooftop of the gas station - this is a convenient vantage point for snipers.
  4. Right after the escort starts, you can use 2 tunnels (one below and one above), which you may use while cutting your way through the gas station.
  5. There are open skies on the map, which leaves much space for Fara to spread her wings and to attack opponents from above.
  6. Use open paths right by the canyon to surprise the enemy, but make sure that your hero is not pushed off into the chasm.
  7. Take advantage of the side tunnel by the first big gate to get the enemy from behind.


  1. While starting in the defending team, it is a good idea to pick Bastion or Junkrat and take position atop the derailed train. From this position, you can pepper the incoming opponents with projectiles, or throw grenades at them to spread total chaos.
  2. Right by the first checkpoint, there is a small bridge. This is an excellent vantage point for Widowmaker and Hanzo.
  3. Next to the bridge, there is a more elevated point (a boulder). You can climb onto it to get an even better view of the incoming opponents.
  4. By the first attack point, you can push opponents out of the map. Cosider selecting Lucio for the team.
  5. If the opponents manage to cut through the first large gate, keep an eye on the side tunnel with its mouth on the left above.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar


  1. Right after the game starts, you have to keep an eye on the upper exit onto the map, because the opponent is sure do deploy Bastion, Widowmaker or Hanzo on the bridge , right opposite the point where the spawning offenders appear.
  2. Also, watch out for the shorter building on the left that also makes an excellent sniper position.
  3. While beginning, it is a good idea to have Reinhardt on your team, who will make it slightly safer to come out of the spawn.
  4. Before you attack the 3 control points, you should reconsider your actions, because opponent is sure to have manned convenient defense positions. At this point, Symmetra's teleporter will come in handy, thanks to which you can return to the battlefield quickly.
  5. The map has many points in which defenders can take their positions. This is why, the team will use a good flanker, such as Trace or Reaper.
  6. As soon as your team gets by the escorted vehicle, watch out for the roofing of the building directly opposite the vehicle.


  1. Deploy snipers, or Bastion on the bridge to keep an eye on the upper pathway of the offenders.
  2. Use vantage points for laying fire on opponents.
  3. The characteristic feature of this map is that the offenders are trying to launch an attack as soon as possible, thanks to which they can move forward as early as possible and move the defense line back to point two.
  4. The best defense spot is the rooftop of the building directly opposite the escorted vehicle. You can batter enemies from behind a cover of some boxes and a big tank.
  5. While the opponents will be escorting the vehicle across the tunnel, take position on the rooftop opposite the tunnel exit. From this position, you can keep an eye on both the upper and the lower paths.
  6. After the game moves to the main hangar, this will be the best moment to position snipers or Bastion in corners.
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