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Outward Guide

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Table of Contents

Starting Tips for Outward Outward Guide and Walkthrough

Outward is a very unforgiving game. At the beginning of the game, you will be thrown into a world, where you need to take care of your own survival. Your opponents will not only be ruthless bandits and bloodthirsty monsters, but also the weather, food poisoning, or dehydration. Good weapons alone won't keep you safe - equally important are clothes adapted to the current temperature, properly cooked food and clean water. This section will enable you to properly understand the rules of Outward. The starting tips will explain to you all the core mechanics of the production. You will learn how to get the best weapons at the start, how to fight effectively, how to regenerate health or how to earn quickly. Check out these tips to make the first hours of the game easier.

Best starting weapon

You can get most of the basic items for free, without spending a single penny. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
You can get most of the basic items for free, without spending a single penny.

Without proper weapons, going beyond the first city (i.e. Cierzo) makes no sense. Fortunately, you already have the opportunity to get a few free weapons in the city of Cierzo. Thus, you will be able to defeat the first opponents, as well as learn what type of weapon best suits your style of play. For starters, check out the following weapons:

  1. Quarterstaff, located among yellow bushes, right at the exit of your home.
  2. Felling Greataxe, that is the axe lying in the eastern part of the city, behind the Town Hall building.
  3. Pitchfork, lying in the vicinity of the tavern.
  4. Machete, i.e. a one-handed weapon found on the beach in Cierzo.

After obtaining one of the above weapons, you can go on an expedition to retrieve the Simple Bow. Exit the city and head to the northwest side of the map, in the direction of the Bandit Camp. You will quickly get to the semicircular wooden structures - follow them until you get to the Blister Burrow. Inside, near the bodies lying at the entrance of the cave, you will find the Simple Bow (deals 23 damage).

More information about free weapons can be found in the section titled "Good Starting Weapons" in our guide.

Free equipment

Items needed for fishing can be found on the beach, and the pick is in Cierzo Storage. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
Items needed for fishing can be found on the beach, and the pick is in Cierzo Storage.

A great addition to those free weapons is getting two other free things, namely the Fishing Harpoon and Mining Pick. The former item enables you to fish, and the second, to dig ore.

  1. The Fishing Harpoon can be found on the beach in Cierzo. Head to the beach, then head to the platform behind the large water purification building. To use the Fishing Harpoon, go to the place where the fish swim and hold the button displayed on the screen - you can catch fish (and sometimes other items).
  2. The Mining Pick is located in Cierzo Storage. It is a warehouse in the eastern part of the city, to which leads a long bridge. Going from your house to the central part of the city, you should be able to easily notice the entrance to the Cierzo Storage. Go to that place and carefully search the illuminated part. There, you will find the aforementioned Mining Pick, but also other items, such as the recipe for Gaberry Jam.

Need more information about the items listed above? Take a look at the sections entitled "How to get a pickaxe?" and "How to fish?" in our guide.

Gathering supplies before the expedition

Remember to get the appropriate supplies before venturing out of town. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
Remember to get the appropriate supplies before venturing out of town.

Weapons are not the only kind of equipment you need to take with you - if you want to leave the city, prepare the appropriate supplies as well. If you don't want to repeatedly return to Cierzo while exploring the world, be sure to pick up a few basic items:

  1. Water - your hero must be hydrated. You will find many sources of water in the game world, but the water won't be always clean, so make sure to take some clean water with you. To do this, go to the beach in the city, and then go to the water purification building. There, you will find Waterskin, in which you can keep clean water (you can also get pure water here).
  2. Food - the hero needs to eat, too. You can obtain food quite easily during exploration, but it is always a good idea to have a few pieces of food that don't spoil quickly, such as dried meat or bread.
  3. A place to sleep - if you are preparing for a long trip, you will also need a place to sleep. You can use the portable Bedroll bed (you will find it in your home) or a tent, which can be bought from the merchant named Doran in Cierzo. The tent costs 32 silver, but it also provides protection from the weather. Also remember to keep watch for a few hours when sleeping in a dangerous area - this way, you will avoid enemy attacks during sleep.
  4. Light source - darkness in the game is rather severe. Traveling at night in an open area is much more difficult, and movement without a light source in caves or dungeons is almost impossible. So, you need to bring torches or a lamp - torches you can get even before you get to the city; don't forget to take them with you.
  5. Tea for sicknesses - it is possible to catch a disease from a rival during a fight. In the beginning, you will mostly fight hyenas - they can apply a debuff called Infection. To prevent serious infection, buy from the Helmi alchemist at least one Bitter Spicy Tea, which eliminates this effect.

Before any expedition, you should also read the section "How to Regenerate Health?" and "How to Refill Oil in the Lamp?" in our guide.

Equipment Management

A larger backpack should be purchased in the first hours of the game. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
A larger backpack should be purchased in the first hours of the game.

Each item has a certain weight, and your inventory has a limited capacity. Money takes up space in your inventory as well, so you need to manage your equipment properly. During the exploration of the world, you will get a lot of loot - exceeding the maximum capacity reduces the movement speed, and in extreme cases prevents movement altogether. Because of this, you should be interested in the following:

  1. Invest in a larger backpack soon after you begin the game. From the merchant named Doran in Cierzo can you buy a Nomad Backpack with 50 points capacity, more than double the capacity of the standard backpack you get at the beginning of the game.
  2. Remember that you can also keep stuff in your hero's pockets - if you don't have enough space in the backpack, try moving a few items to your pockets (moving items in the inventory menu).
  3. Silver (i.e. the in-game currency) can be exchanged for Gold Bars - they are available at most traders. 100 silver (weight equal to 1) turns into 1 gold bar, weight equal to 0.1.
  4. The stash in your home has unlimited capacity. Take advantage of that and keep the unnecessary items there. When traveling out of town, it is wise to leave money and other valuables in the box - this gives you the confidence that they will not be lost if you die.

The above-mentioned Nomad Backpack provides not only large capacity but also the ability to fasten the lamp to it. This way, you can freely use a shield or a two-handed weapon and light your way at the same time. More information can be found on the page " How to attach the lamp to a backpack?" in our guide.

Efficient Combat

Pay attention to the traps placed by enemies - triggering them can lead to immediate death. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
Pay attention to the traps placed by enemies - triggering them can lead to immediate death.

While exploring the world, you will often encounter enemies - defeating them often gives access to valuable loot. Remember, however, that the combat in Outward is difficult. At the beginning of the game, each opponent can cause a lot of difficulties. To make combat easier, take the following advice:

  1. The most important rule - before each fight, take off your backpack. Death in the game most often forces you to move to another place, and you often lose a part of or even the entire equipment. If you leave the backpack in a safe place, you can easily reclaim it later - it will be in the same place, and its location will be marked on the compass.
  2. Choose a weapon to match your playstyle. In Cierzo, you can find weapons of all types. Check them out to make sure you know which you like best. One-handed weapons are faster and allow you to use the shield, while two-handed weapons deal more damage and are longer. The proposed free weapons were listed in the section titled "Best Starting Weapons" in our guide.
  3. Watch the stamina level. In the lower left corner of the screen, you will see a yellow indicator showing the level of stamina. Stamina is used for all actions during combat - attacks, dodges, and blocks. If the stamina drops to zero, your character becomes pretty much harmless. Stamina recovers over time, so you can stop fighting to regenerate stamina. A good idea is also to purchase potions that regenerate stamina (you can buy them from the alchemist in Cierzo), as well as drinking water just before the fight to get a bonus for stamina regeneration.
  4. Before you join a fight, shoot enemies from a distance. In the section "How to get a bow?" you will find out where you can find a free bow. Try to get it as soon as possible to make it easier for you to fight. With a bow, you can first weaken enemies from a distance and only then attack them at close range.
  5. Always move in combat. You will have a better chance of avoiding damage. It's also a good idea to block attacks, but remember that this action consumes stamina.
  6. Watch out for traps in places controlled by enemies - most often, you will see them in the camps of bandits. Watch for small holes in the ground - you will get a lot of damage if you step on these.
  7. Your equipment wears down. It is necessary to remember about repairing items - otherwise, they become useless. The inventory menu will display the strength of the items you are using (weapons, armor, or clothing). If the indicators are low, go to sleep. In the sleep menu, you can set how many hours you want to spend on repairing your inventory. This procedure is free and the only thing you need is time.

You can learn more about the efficient extermination of enemies in the section of our guide entitled "Combat."

Health Regeneration

Sleep is a free way to restore health. - Starting Tips for Outward - Tips - Outward Guide
Sleep is a free way to restore health.

You will lose health during combat. You, therefore, need to be able to restore your health during the fights and after them. Outward offers many ways of restoring health points:

  1. Sleep - sleep is a free and easy way to restore health. All you need is to sleep for a few hours, and your health bar will replenish itself. Sleep in your home is absolutely safe, but you will often be forced to sleep in the wild. In such a case, take advantage of the portable Bedroll that you will find in your home, or a tent that you can buy from the trader Doran in Cierzo. Remember to set up a few hours of the watch when sleeping in a dangerous area - so as to avoid a surprise attack.
  2. Bandages - using a bandage restores a small amount of health. You can make bandages yourself with two Linen Cloths.
  3. Potions and other consumables are great for restoring health during combat. The basic Life Potion can be purchased from the alchemist named Helmi in Cierzo. There are also some special health products in the game (such as the Luxe Lichette).

Health regeneration is investigated in more detail in the section of our guide titled "How to Regenerate Health?."

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