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Outriders Guide

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Outriders: Trickster - Skills Outriders guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Outriders game guide you will find a detailed description of all the skills of the Trickster.

The Trickster is one of four character classes available in Outriders. He is a close-range character, which means that during the game you will be much closer to your opponents than, for example, the Pyromancer. The Trickster is a typical damage dealer specializing in Hit & Run and has 8 unique skills in his assortment, which can be changed at will during the game, depending on the preferred build.

Class traits

  1. An additional 5% of the maximum Health;
  2. Active Shield provides 5% damage reduction;
  3. Each close range kill heals by an additional 20% of maximum Health and provides 12% Shield.

Melee skill

The Trickster's basic melee attacks not only deal damage but also Slow enemies in a small area, making them easy targets to take down.

Healing mechanic

The Trickster's recovery mechanics are similar to those implemented in the Devastator class. The manipulator recovers Health points from killed enemies that are close to the character. Additionally, each such kill provides the character with a bit of Shield.

All skills

Temporal Blade - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Temporal Blade

Level: 1;

Interrupt: yes;

Recharge: 16 seconds;

Effect: Paralyze and slash enemies in front of you, dealing damage, Slowing, and Interrupting the recharging of their abilities.

Slow Trap - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Slow Trap

Level: 3;

Interrupt: no;

Duration: 10 seconds;

Renewal time: 31 seconds;

Effect: create a space-time Anomaly zone that imposes Slow on enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds.

Hunt the Prey - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Hunt the Prey

Level: 4;

Interrupt: no;

Renewal time: 11 seconds;

Effect: select an enemy and teleport behind him - you get a bonus to Shield.

Twisted Rounds - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Twisted Rounds

Level: 6;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 20 seconds;

Effect: fill the weapon's magazine with bullets infused with Anomaly, which increases Fire Power.

The skill lasts until you reload or change your weapon.

Cyclone Slice - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Cyclone Slice

Level: 9;

Interrupt: yes;

Duration: 5 seconds;

Recharge: 13 seconds;

Effect: Create a vortex of Anomaly blades that deal damage and Interrupt the ability recharging of enemies in a small area around your character.

Borrowed Time - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Borrowed Time

Level: 13;

Interrupt: no;

Duration: 28 seconds;

Recharge: 13 seconds;

Effect: get the Shield and mark your location for 28 seconds. Using this ability again will cause you to bend space-time and teleport back to the previously marked location.

Venator' - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Venator's Knife

Level: 17;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 10 seconds;

Effect: throw a blade at an enemy that ricochets between up to 5 enemies in close succession, dealing damage and marking targets hit. All targets hit become Slow for 10 seconds, and the first damage you deal to the marked enemies is doubled.

Time Rift - Outriders: Trickster - Skills - Trickster - Outriders Guide

Time Rift

Level: 22;

Interrupt: yes;

Recharge: 10 seconds;

Effect: you create a shockwave that stops enemies in midair, preventing them from fighting for 3.5 seconds, and causes Weakness.

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