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Outriders Guide

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Outriders: Statistics Outriders guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Outriders guide, you will find a list and description of all player stats.

The main character's stats in Outriders are divided into several categories: health, armor, firepower, and anomaly power. Also, note that each of these categories has a number of additional values.

You can check your character's stats in Outriders by pressing the Shift key and opening the inventory screen.

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  1. Max Wearable Item Level: the maximum level of equipment you can put on your character. This level can be increased by unlocking additional World Levels and Expedition Tiers;
  2. Average Item Level: a stat that provides a very large bonus to the maximum level of Health and Anomaly Power.


  1. Health: determines how much damage your character can take - when it drops to 0, the character will die;
  2. Health Regeneration: the number of health points recovered every second;
  3. Healing Received Bonus: the value added to the direct treatment. Skill Life Leech and Health Regeneration aren't affected by it;
  4. Weapon Life Leech: percentage of health regained when dealing damage with a weapon;
  5. Skill Life Leech: percentage of health recovered when dealing damage with skills. Also includes status damage.


  1. Physical Damage Reduction: reduces the physical damage received from enemies;
  2. Resistance: reduces the damage from anomalies and statuses.


  1. Weapon Damage Bonus: a bonus to the weapon damage;
  2. Critical Chance: an additional chance to inflict a critical hit with a weapon;
  3. Critical Damage: increases the damage dealt when you receive a critical hit or a headshot;
  4. Close Range Weapon Damage: additional damage dealt to enemies within 10m of the character;
  5. Long Range Weapon Damage: additional damage dealt to enemies 18m of the character or further;
  6. Armor Pierce: the percentage of an opponent's armor that is ignored when dealing damage with a weapon.

Anomaly Power

  1. Skill Damage Bonus: a stat that increases the damage done by skills, statuses, and melee attacks;
  2. Status Power: increases damage from Burn, Toxic, and Bleed. Increases the duration of the Freeze, Incinerate, Vulnerable, and Weakeness statuses;
  3. Global Cooldown Reduction: reduces the cooldown of all character skills;
  4. Resistance Pierce: the percentage of an opponent's armor that is ignored when dealing damage with abilities.
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