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Outlast 2 Game Guide

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Table of Contents

The Library | Judges | Walkthrough Outlast 2 Guide

This chapter contains a complete walkthrough for The Library, one of the levels that is a part of Chapter 4 of Outlast II. Inside, you'll find additional tips that will help you complete the mission in a timely fashion. The walkthrough also marks the locations of occurrences and notes found in the course of the level, as well as the locations of batteries and bandages which will prove to be very useful during your journey.


You begin the level outside of the school - The Library | Judges | Walkthrough - Judges - Outlast 2 Game Guide

You begin the level outside of the school. Turn right and stay close to the wall to find an open window. Use it to enter the building and search for a way out of the current room. One of the doors (the one on the right side of your initial position) will lead you to the corridor.

You'll encounter numerous hanged corpses on the other side of the windows found at the end of the current corridor. Record the occurrence (I Have Lots of Friends #5). Now, approach the cross hanging on the wall and wait for further developments.

Turn left and get through the double door. The classroom on the left is open - visit it to find a battery for your camera. Make your way through the corridor until you've encountered a demon beyond the double door. Turn right and enter the room in front of you. You'll find a TV and a piece of paper containing a hangman playground. You can take a look at it, yet the item is not registered as a note.

Use the door on the opposite side to return to the corridor. Turn left and use the door ahead. Unfortunately, those will lock shut behind you once you've used them. Make your way to the other side of the corridor. Once you've heard that the previous door has been unlocked, double back and leave the area.

Youll be led to a library that youve had the opportunity to visit earlier - The Library | Judges | Walkthrough - Judges - Outlast 2 Game Guide

You'll be led to a library that you've had the opportunity to visit earlier. The door will lock shut behind you, while you'll encounter a demon next to a light source nearby. The being will cut you off from your escape route. You'll need to run into the bookshelves nearby and find an another exit from the room. Make sure you've chosen a safe path, otherwise you'll be killed by the demon.

All possible escape routes lead to the same location. You'll encounter the demon again - double back through the library entrance as soon as possible. The demon will disappear after a moment, and you'll be able to safely return to the location where you've encountered him. Crawl through a pile of books and use it to slide down.

Enter the lit hall and pick up a bandage - The Library | Judges | Walkthrough - Judges - Outlast 2 Game Guide

Enter the lit hall and pick up a bandage. When you are ready to continue, turn right and follow the light seen in the distance. Keep approaching the light - when you're close enough, a demon will appear right before you. Turn around and backtrack through the area. You'll encounter Jessica. Follow her until you'll be forced to squeeze through a narrow pathway.

You'll begin a new level right away.

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