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Oddworld Soulstorm Guide by

Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

Table of Contents
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Oddworld Soulstorm: All levels - list Oddworld Soulstorm guide, walkthrough

On this page of the game guide you will find a list of all the levels in Oddworld Soulstorm. We have provided some information about the pages of the Oddworld Soulstorm walkthrough. Several pages of the walkthrough are dedicated to each level and they include descriptions of the challenges, main mission objectives and more.

Stage 1: The Raid on Monsaic

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Scavenger and Hidden Help can be earned.
  2. Escape from the burning cave

Stage 2: The Ruins

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Hidden Help, Wrecker, Slig Apprehender and Saviour badges can be earned.
  2. Finding other Mudokons
  3. Freeing pinned-down Mudokons
  4. Protecting the other Mudokons

Stage 3: The Blimp

  1. Badges (challenges)- Explorer, Scavenger, Hidden Help and Slig Apprehender badges can be earned.
  2. Escape Molluck's Blimp
  3. Crossing the Sligs' territory

Stage 4: The Funicular

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Saviour, Crafter, Hidden Help and Searcher badges can be earned.
  2. Collecting antidote ingredients
  3. Healing sick Mudokons
  4. Journey to Phat Station

Stage 5: Sorrow Valley

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Saviour, Leader, Wrecker, Hidden Help and Scenic Viewer badges can be earned.
  2. Crossing the valley on the lift
  3. Crossing the valley again
  4. Disposing of the snipers

Stage 6: Phat Station

  1. Badges (challenges) - you can get Explorer, Saviour, Keymaster, Searcher, Hidden Help and Scavenger badges
  2. Infiltrating the Station
  3. Reaching the Fueling Tower
  4. Crossing the Tank Row 2D
  5. Crossing the Tank Row 3D
  6. Reaching the top of the Fueling Tower

Stage 7: The Hijack

  1. Badges (challenges) - you can get Explorer, Spender, Wrecker, Saviour, Hidden Help and Rock Candy badges.
  2. Freeing Mudokons from the cars
  3. Slig Mama - boss fight

Stage 8: Reunion at the Old Trellis

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Rock candy, Searcher, Hidden Help, Saviour, and Slig Apprehender badges.
  2. Reunion At The Old Trellis
  3. Protecting the Mudokons

Stage 9: Slig Barracks

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Wrecker, Crafter, Spender, Saviour, and Hidden Help badges.
  2. Sneak into the Overlook Tower
  3. Going through the Furnace
  4. Reaching Comms Tower via elevator

Stage 10: Necrum

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Searcher, Saviour, Hidden Help, Crafter, and Spender badges.
  2. Bypassing security
  3. Descending to the Bone Processing level

Stage 11: The Mines

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Saviour, Brewnade, Hidden Help, Wrecker, and Searcher badges.
  2. Going down to Level 2
  3. Find a way to Level 3

Stage 12: The Sanctum

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Scavenger, Hidden Help and Collector badges.
  2. Meeting with the Keeper
  3. Finding Fragon's Eye
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