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Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

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Oddworld Soulstorm: Abe's death - how to avoid? Oddworld Soulstorm guide, walkthrough

Last update: Thursday, April 8, 2021

This page of the Oddworld Soulstorm guide contains practical tips on how to avoid too frequent deaths of the main character. We have prepared various tips to help you avoid making frequent mistakes that could lead to Abe's death. We also explain what the consequences of the death of the protagonist are.

Death and its consequences

In Oddworld Soulstorm, the death of the protagonist is not punished in any particularly cruel way - Oddworld Soulstorm: Abes death - how to avoid? - FAQ - Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

In Oddworld Soulstorm, the death of the protagonist is not punished in any particularly cruel way. Once you die, you return to the nearest checkpoint and can immediately repeat the sequence. The game does not impose any penalties associated with, for example, permanent decline in statistics or weakening of the protagonist.

Checkpoints are located quite densely in the game world, so we rarely have to repeat a large part of the mission. The interesting thing is that we can restart the game from the last checkpoint on our own. You need to select the appropriate option from the pause menu. This is a good method if we made some mistake (e.g. we led to the death of protected Mudokons) and we want to fix it.

Additional note: Oddworld Soulstorm has the Hardest Mudokon in the West gold trophy awarded for completing all stages without dying. This is the most difficult achievement of the game, which we absolutely should not deal with on our first playthrough. It's better to attempt it once you complete the game and are perfectly familiar with each stage and its dangers.

How to die less?

1 - Oddworld Soulstorm: Abes death - how to avoid? - FAQ - Oddworld Soulstorm Guide
  1. Let's remember that Abe by default is defenseless in clashes with enemies. If we have been spotted and have time to escape, then let's try to escape to another shelf (lower / higher one). There's a chance the ranged attacks won't reach us and we'll survive.
  2. Let's sneak wherever possible, especially if we have the opportunity to avoid patrolling / sleeping enemies. Stealth also helps you get to a better spot to stun / possess enemies or use some gadget from Abe's inventory.
  3. Rush is practically never worth it. This is especially important in locations where there are traps or, for example, snipers watching the area. Let's get a closer look at the threat before we take any action.
  4. Chanting can be used to perform reconnaissance. While moving the Chi Orb, we can look for enemies, traps or good hiding spots for our protagonist.
  5. Let's light up dark locations with flares. This is especially important when exploring various unlit caves or mines. Exploration without using flares poses a greater risk of triggering a trap or falling into a chasm.
  6. Let's always rely on a double jump, unless the landing site is really close and there is no risk of falling into the abyss. Double jump is "free" and allows us to react better if a problem emerges or, for example, if we incorrectly assess the moment of initiating the jump.
  7. Let's rely on possessed enemies. They can "relieve" Abe. They may, for example, eliminate more difficult enemies or use the switches located in dangerous locations.
  8. Let's use sprint in case of an instant danger to life. We are talking about situations in which we made a mistake, as well as imposed scenes in which we have to flee, for example, from fire, flames or a moving large object. Abe doesn't get tired during sprint.
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