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Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

Eat the Glukkons Oddworld Soulstorm guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, best tips for Mudokons, crafting, stealth and combat. We describe mind control and all puzzles. Trophy Guide and system requirements.

Last update: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Oddworld Soulstorm game guide will help us successfully complete the new adventures of Abe and save the defenseless Mudokons under the care of the protagonist. The most important part of our guide are detailed walkthroughs of the game, in which we inform you how to correctly complete subsequent sequences. Our walkthroughs focus on topics such as avoiding and distracting enemies, keeping Mudokons alive and completing puzzles.

The most important gameplay mechanics are described in more detail in our game guide. It contains tips and tricks, most of all, about stealth, completing platform sections, eliminating enemies, world exploration, giving orders to Mudokons, crafting or using mind control options. The most difficult puzzles are described in a separate chapter and they should help get through the most complex moments of the game. Any problematic issues are addressed in the FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions. It suggests, most of all, how to avoid dying, how to avoid deaths among Mudokons, how to communicate with Mudokons or how to avoid raising alarms.

The Oddworld Soulstorm guide includes secrets and collectibles as well that we can find as we progress through the game. Trophy hunters, in turn, should take a look at the trophy guide, in which we explain how to get 100% of achievements and how to unlock the platinum trophy. The guide is complemented by sections about controls, system requirements, available versions of the game along with information on how much time you will need to finish Oddworld Soulstorm.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Quick beginner's guide

Oddworld Soulstorm is quite a difficult game. Sometimes simply completing a stage might prove to be quite a challenge, not to mention saving 100% of the Mudokons along the way. Below we have included some useful tips.

  1. Stealth is the basis of survival. Abe is vulnerable to direct confrontation, and as a result, the key to success is to avoid detection. We can do that by distracting enemies, bypassing them by walking on the shelves above/below them or relying on sneaking on your toes next to sleeping enemies who normally react to sounds.
  2. Enemies are not the only threat. Our character can also easily die, for example, as a result of activating a death trap or falling into a chasm after a failed jump. Every action we take should be well planned - it is worth stopping for a while at each new location to get familiar with it first.
  3. Mind control helps you get through difficult areas. Abe, as in the previous part, can use possession on selected enemies. This can help us in various ways: we can e.g. shoot some fellows of the possessed enemy, make the possessed character go into a trap or get them away from our area of interest.
  4. Giving orders to Mudokons is significant. The other Mudokons we find are not very bright and, as a result, they can die quite easily. To avoid this, we have to give them orders to follow Abe or stop until a path becomes safe. We won't be able to save 100% of the Mudokons unless we master giving them commands to perfection.

More extensive tips can be found on a separate page: Beginner's Guide.

Oddworld Soulstorm: All main chapters

In Oddworld Soulstorm, there are a number of chapters and each stage takes place in a separate location. In our walkthrough of the game, we focused on environmental puzzles, avoiding traps and opponents, and finding and rescuing Mudokons.

Stage 1: The Raid on Monsaic

  1. Badges (challenges) - you can get Explorer, Scavenger and Hidden Help badges
  2. Escape from the burning cave

Stage 2: The Ruins

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Hidden Help, Wrecker, Slig Apprehender and Saviour badges can be earned.
  2. Finding other Mudokons
  3. Freeing pinned-down Mudokons
  4. Protecting the other Mudokons

Stage 3: The Blimp

  1. Badges (challenges)- Explorer, Scavenger, Hidden Help and Slig Apprehender badges can be earned.
  2. Escape Molluck's Blimp
  3. Crossing the Sligs' territory

Stage 4: The Funicular

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Saviour, Crafter, Hidden Help and Searcher badges can be earned.
  2. Collecting antidote ingredients
  3. Healing sick Mudokons
  4. Journey to Phat Station

Stage 5: Sorrow Valley

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Saviour, Leader, Wrecker, Hidden Help and Scenic Viewer badges can be earned.
  2. Crossing the valley on the lift
  3. Crossing the valley again
  4. Disposing of the snipers

Stage 6: Phat Station

  1. Badges (challenges) - you can get Explorer, Saviour, Keymaster, Searcher, Hidden Help and Scavenger badges
  2. Infiltrating the Station
  3. Reaching the Fueling Tower
  4. Crossing the Tank Row 2D
  5. Crossing the Tank Row 3D
  6. Reaching the top of the Fueling Tower

Stage 7: The Hijack

  1. Badges (challenges) - you can get Explorer, Spender, Wrecker, Saviour, Hidden Help and Rock Candy badges.
  2. Freeing Mudokons from the cars
  3. Slig Mama - boss fight

Stage 8: Reunion at the Old Trellis

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Rock candy, Searcher, Hidden Help, Saviour, and Slig Apprehender badges.
  2. Reunion At The Old Trellis
  3. Protecting the Mudokons

Stage 9: Slig Barracks

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Wrecker, Crafter, Spender, Saviour, and Hidden Help badges.
  2. Sneak into the Overlook Tower
  3. Going through the Furnace
  4. Reaching Comms Tower via elevator

Stage 10: Necrum

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Searcher, Saviour, Hidden Help, Crafter, and Spender badges.
  2. Bypassing security
  3. Descending to the Bone Processing level

Stage 11: The Mines

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Saviour, Brewnade, Hidden Help, Wrecker, and Searcher badges.
  2. Descent to Level 2
  3. Find a way to Level 3

Stage 12: The Sanctum

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Scavenger, Hidden Help and Collector badges.
  2. Meeting with the Keeper
  3. Finding Fragon's Eye

Stage 13: Escape

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Searcher, Saviour, Spender, Hidden Help, and Bouncy Candy badges.
  2. Holding Pen 10-6
  3. Holding Pen 5-1

Stage 14: Feeco Depot

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Searcher, Hidden Help, Crafter, Saviour, and Collector badges.
  2. Unlocking the platform in Workzone 1
  3. Going through Workzone 2

Stage 15: The Yards

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Hidden Help, Saviour, Searcher, Crafter, and Brewnade badges.
  2. Reaching the Security Station by crane
  3. Crossing the Gantry Channel
  4. Climbing the Loading Crane

Stage 16: Brewery

  1. Badges (challenges) - You can get Explorer, Crafter, Searcher, Saviour, Slig Apprehender, and Hidden Help badges.
  2. Opening the 1st and 2nd gates
  3. Opening the 3rd gate
  4. Opening the last gate

Stage 17: Eye of the Storm - Finale

  1. Badges (challenges) - Explorer, Saviour, Hidden Help, Brewnade, Keymaster, and Slig Apprehender badges.
  2. Activating the Feeder
  3. Activating 5 Brewing Chambers
  4. Final boss

Oddworld Soulstorm: Collectibles and secrets

In addition to saving Mudokons, Abe can also search for various treasures and collectibles. Our guide describes the unique secrets available in Oddworld Soulstorm and tells you how to obtain them.

  1. List of all keys - There are 9 keys, and you need them to open the padlocks on some lockers.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Game guide - basics

Oddworld Soulstorm is a demanding production, especially if this is our first encounter with the Oddworld series or if we don't remember Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New n'Tasty very well. In the following pages of the guide, we describe how to correctly complete the stages and keep Abe and the other Mudokons alive.

  1. Stealth - The chapter explains how to avoid triggering alarms (area alert bar), how to avoid enemy detection, how to distract enemies by throwing objects, and how to neutralize sleeping enemies or sneak past them.
  2. Fight - we have developed a list of tricks, weapons and attacks, thanks to which Abe can stun or kill enemies. Separate pieces of advice apply to full-fledged enemies, as well as smaller creatures encountered in particular locations during exploration. We also explain the circumstances in which other Mudokons can attack enemies.
  3. Exploration and platform sections - we have prepared various tips on exploring newly visited areas in search of loot and secrets, dealing with various environmental threats and jumping to the next shelves.
  4. Commanding the Mudokons - this page contains valuable advice on issuing various orders to the Mudokons you encounter, such as following Abe or using the items you give them. The purpose is to avoid situations in which they will irretrievably die .
  5. Mind control - our guide explains exactly how mind control mechanics work, who can be possessed and what the most important uses of mind control are.
  6. Crafting - We explain how does crafting works in the game. In addition, you will learn the requirements for crafting and what types of objects can be produced.
  7. Badges - We explain how to earn badges, i.e. how to complete challenges that require the player to eliminate enemies in certain ways or find secrets.
  8. Quarma - this page explains the Quarma factor. It is a system of karma associated with positive or negative actions and events throughout the game.
  9. List of gadgets - We have prepared a list of all available items that can be used in eliminating or distracting enemies, as well as in solving some environmental puzzles. We also suggest which gadgets from the game are the best.

Oddworld Soulstorm: FAQ

In the FAQ section, we have prepared answers to frequently asked questions. They relate to solutions to specific problems that we may encounter on our playthrough.

  1. Abe's death - how to avoid? - We give you tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes that could lead to Abe's death. It concerns misbehaving in the vicinity of enemies, triggering alarms and not noticing hidden traps.
  2. Mudokons - how to save? - We describe the whole process step by step - from finding the Mudokons, to guiding them through the upcoming locations and keeping them alive, and finally bringing them to areas where they can safely escape and be considered liberated.
  3. Communicating with the Mudokons - how? - We have posted a list of commands that you can give to encountered Mudokons (e.g. follow me, stop). We also suggest the most common uses for each command.
  4. Alarms - how to avoid? - Setting off an alarm in Oddworld Soulstorm could cause serious trouble to Abe and the other Mudokons and lead to a quick death. We have prepared some tips as to the circumstances under which an alarm can be triggered and how we should behave to avoid it and stay hidden.
  5. Pickpocketing - how does it work? - We inform how Abe can steal from the encountered enemies and what loot can be obtained by relying on pickpocketing.
  6. Playthrough with no kills - is it possible? - This page provides an answer to the question whether it is possible to complete the game as a pacifist, i.e. by getting rid of the enemies or bypassing them instead of killing them.
  7. Moolah/Gold - how to collect? - Our guide explains how to collect Moolah, which is the equivalent of the main currency in the game world. We also suggest what's worth spending money on.
  8. 100% mission completion - how to do it? - We have prepared the requirements for completing a given stage in 100 percent. This can help you unlock some of the game's trophies.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Puzzle solving

It takes a lot of effort to complete certain stages of Oddworld Soulstorm and to successfully save the groups of Mudokons we encounter along the way. All the most difficult puzzles of the game are described in detail on separate pages of the guide.

Descriptions of the most difficult puzzles are in progress.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Platinum trophy

Oddworld Soulstorm lets you get the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5. In our trophy guide on the Trophies / Achievements page, we have described all the trophies and achievements very carefully, which should make it easier to unlock the platinum trophy and get 100% completion in the game.

Oddworld Soulstorm: System requirements

  1. Processor: Quad Core 1.7 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics: 2 GB GeForce GTX 660
  4. Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10
  5. Disk space: 20 GB
  6. Epic Games Store account required.

See System requirements for more information on Oddworld Soulstorm's recommended requirements and the use PS5's unique features.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Gaming platforms - how can we play?

Oddworld Soulstorm will be released on the following hardware platforms:

  1. PC
  2. PS4
  3. PS5

Additional information:

  1. The PC version of the game is an Epic Games store exclusive. As a result, it is not possible to purchase it on Steam or any other popular stores.
  2. The game will be offered for free on PS5 in April 2021 as part of the PS Plus offer. PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive Oddworld Soulstorm for free and play with no additional fees. PlayStation 5 is the only platform eligible for this offer. PS4 owners must purchase the game and cannot take advantage of the offer.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Release date

Oddworld Soulstorm has two different release dates. These include the digital version, which debuts first, and the physical version for consoles, which is to be released a few months later.

  1. The digital release date of Oddworld Soulstorm is April 6, 2021. This is a common date for all three versions - PC, PS4 and PS5. It is worth noting that PS Plus subscribers will be offered the game for free in the PlayStation 5 version on the same day (as part of the PlayStation Plus offer in April).
  2. The release date of the box version is July 6, 2021. The box version will be released exclusively on PS4 and PS5 - as a regular and collector's edition. The box version will not be available on PC.

Oddworld Soulstorm: Collector's Edition

Oddworld Soulstorm will receive a collector's edition, which will be released separately for PS4 and PS5 and will debut in July 2021 - Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

Oddworld Soulstorm will receive a collector's edition, which will be released separately for PS4 and PS5 and will debut in July 2021. The Collector's Edition will contain, most of all, a high-quality Abe figure. The content of the Collector's Edition has been described in more detail on a separate page: Game versions.

About Oddworld Soulstorm Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Video Game

  • genre: Arcade

  • developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
  • publisher: Oddworld Inhabitants
  • platform: PC, PS4, PS5

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