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General hints Observer Guide

Below, there is a slew of general hints and suggestions for playing Observer. Knowing these can greatly help you conduct investigations and successfully reach the game’s finale. Observer is not very complex when it comes to gameplay mechanics, but it has several less obvious features that it is better to know about from the very start.

  • Observer is not the type of game in which you have to hurry or constantly struggle to keep the main hero alive. Most of the time you are free to examine environments and investigate crime scenes at your own pace. This, however, does not mean that you can be careless all the time, because there are several moments in which your character can die, thus resulting in seeing Game Over. That goes mainly for particular mind-hacking sequences, in which you experience the nightmares that trouble the suspects. Such dangerous missions are properly marked in the walkthrough section, so stay alert while playing those if you want to earn the Unbreakable achievement.
  • Most actions you do are necessary for pushing the storyline forward, but there are several optional activities. First of all, it is worth to examine all crime scenes thoroughly, as this can reveal extra clues. You may also want to consider completing side cases, which become available at some point in the game.
  • After completing first several sequences, you gain access to a multistory block of flats, in which most of the game takes place. It is good to seize the opportunity and thoroughly examine all floors in order to interrogate all residents (check all intercoms), find interactive objects (e.g. computers), and get new collectibles. It is also good to know that some parts of the building, such as the basement and the attic, will be unlocked later in the game. Do not let it worry you that you cannot enter them initially.
  • While exploring your surroundings remember to use all three alternative vision modes. EM Vision helps you find and scan all sorts of electronic devices. Bio Vision is used mainly for locating and scanning human tissue and blood stains. Night Vision, in turn, can come in handy in dark locations, where you could easily miss a secret or a piece of material evidence.
  • The main hero suffers from a condition that requires him to synchronize regularly. In order to do that you need a medicine called synchrozine and the good news is that you can find it in many locations that you explore in the game (look for it in bathrooms, although it can also be lying on tables or desks). Therefore, you should be safe from running out of synchrozine. However, do not try to ignore that, as desynchronization of the vision will progressively handicap exploration and increase the risk of missing important clues.

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