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Obduction Game Guide

Can you solve all the puzzles?The Obduction guide offers a detailed walkthrough for the game in which all steps and solutions to riddles were described. It also tells about the basic gameplay mechanics and about earning achievements.

This unofficial guide to Obduction is a collection of important advice and hints helpful during the game. The most important point of the guide is the detailed walkthrough for the game in which all steps and solutions to riddles were described. Illustrations that make it easier to navigate through the guide and that point you to the most important pieces of the environment are also an important part of the walkthrough.

In addition to the walkthrough, the guide contains a lot of information about the basic gameplay mechanics and a "general advice" chapter which gathers the most important clues related to the game. The guide explains and describes all the trophies and achievements available in the game and it gives the player the clues how to obtain them. Separate chapters of the guide are focused on controls and system requirements.

Obduction is a first-person perspective adventure game created in the spirit of the cult Myst series. The gameplay concentrates on exploration of a mysterious planet and on solving riddles of various difficulty which are to enable the player's escape from the unknown place. One learns about the story of the game by contacting the non-playable characters, solving riddles and reading the notes hidden across the whole planet.

The guide to the Obduction contains:

  • A detailed walkthrough which is rich with illustrations and which contains the order in which the player should perform various steps. It also contains solutions to all the riddles in the game;
  • Explanation of the gameplay mechanics;
  • "General advice" chapter which lists all the most important advice and clues related to the game;
  • Information about the system requirements and controls;
  • Description of all the trophies and achievements with advice how to obtain them.

Markings used in the guide:

  • Blue color marks all interactive objects;
  • Green color marks all the holograms;
  • Red color marks all the mentions of non-playable characters;
  • Location names and other important clues were bolded.

Lukasz Wisniewski

About Obduction Game Guide

Author : Lukasz "Keczup" Wisniewski for

Translator : Michal "Czarny Wilk" Grygorcewicz & Filip "Asfalto" Jaron

last update : August 29, 2016

Guide contains : 21 pages, 131 images, 3 maps and annotated illustrations.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Obduction Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Cyan Inc.
  • publisher: Cyan Inc.
  • platform: PC

Obduction is a 3D first-person perspective adventure game. It was developed by Cyan, known mostly for Myst, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, and Myst V: End of Ages. We assume the role of a vaguely defined protagonist who, one night, stumbles upon a bizarre organic artifact that fell from the sky. The item kidnaps and flips him into an unknown world. This is when the adventure begins. We have to find out where are we exactly, and try to find a way back home.

Obduction is powered by Unreal Engine 4, which allowed the developers to generate richly detailed and largely interactive locations. Just like in the Myst series, the game world was carefully created, and the key element of the gameplay is the gradual uncovering of its rules and then using this knowledge to overcome numerous obstacles. The game regularly tests the player’s cunning rather than his agility, so we focus primarily on exploration of the environment, and solving puzzles.

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Obduction review Ė beautiful, difficult, captivating

A first-person adventure game thatís neither survival nor horror? Obduction draws from the classics of the genre as a spiritual successor to the Myst series.

Obduction release date announced

Cyan has announced the release date for Obduction, an adventure game and a spiritual successor to the cult Myst.

Mystís spiritual successor coming out in June; Watch Obductionís new trailer

Obduction's new trailer reveals that the game will launch in June 2016. The video also lets us take a peek into beautiful Unreal Engine 4-based locations in Myst dev's next adventure game.

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