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Northgard Game Game Guide

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Bifrost | Northgard Walkthrough Northgard Guide & Walkthrough

Last mission consists in killing Hvendrung, who is the main antagonist in the game. Here you will also be able to choose your favourite Clan to play.

Main Objectives

  1. Protect Bifrost at all cost!
  2. Kill Hvendrung.

Side Objectives

  1. Close one Gate of Muspell each year.
  2. Kill all Kobolds.
  3. Don't let Bifrost to lose more than 50% of durability!

Walkthrough Description

In your last mission, you have two goals to achieve. The first is the defense of the Bifrost Bridge against the Eldthurs. The second is to kill Hvendrung. Both targets are on the opposite side of the map, so you need to keep an eye on the scouts. Replace each loss with another in order to reach both locations as soon as possible.

In this mission you have a certain facilitation, which is the supply of resources and troops from your allies. From time to time, each Clan you don't choose for this mission will provide you with four warriors and supplies. These troops do not count towards the limit of your army. This allows you to create a quite large squad of units.

Gate of Muspell - this one is located closest to the Bifrost Bridge. - Bifrost | Northgard Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Northgard Game Game Guide
Gate of Muspell - this one is located closest to the Bifrost Bridge.

The Gates of Muspell, which summon the Eldthurs, are scattered all over the map. Every time Hvendrung uses his horn, the Eldthurs attack the nearest village and the Bifrost. So you have to successively liquidate the next Gates until you manage to liquidate the one responsible for the attacks on Bifrost. This will protect the bridge from further damage.

Hvendrung with his battle squad. - Bifrost | Northgard Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Northgard Game Game Guide
Hvendrung with his battle squad.

This will allow you to focus on Hvendrung. He is located on the cliff opposite to the Bifrost Bridge. It is only possible to discover the way to this area if you have already improved the scout camp. In addition, you may have to fight one of the Clans in order to reach it. After you are successful, focus exclusively on Hvendrung. Only his death will automatically end the task and the whole game.

Interestingly, you don't have to kill Hvendrung by yourself to end in victory. If one of the Clans does it beforehand, then the mission will still be counted as a victory.

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