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Northgard Game Game Guide

Northgard Game Game Guide

Become a real guard of the north! A real-time strategy will take you into a fantasy universe of Scandinavian mythology and the Viking way of life. Northgard allows the players to lead a group of Vikings, who after years of tedious exploration, have found a mysterious, resource-rich land.

The following guide to Northgard is a comprehensive collection of information on how to manage your clan efficiently. The whole guidebook was divided into four parts.


Here you will find information about the mechanics of the game. Therefore you will learn how to enlarge your territory and how to care about the satisfaction of the clan.

  1. How to begin?
  2. Building & territory extent
  3. Food resources
  4. Time & Random events
  5. Lore
  6. Resources
  7. Finances
  8. Happiness
  9. Fame


This section contains advice about passing through the main plot and selected chapters of the game.

  1. Exodus
  2. Foothold
  3. Settlement
  4. Punitive Expedition
  5. Intervention
  6. Jötunmheim
  7. Contest
  8. Tremors
  9. Fimbulvinter
  10. Bifrost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section you will find detailed answers about many issues which may occur during the gameplay.

  1. How to send a villager to work?
  2. Which Clan is the best?
  3. How many units I can have?
  4. How to check what I need to win?


It contains valuable information about controls and system requirements.

  1. System requirements
  2. Controls

About Northgard Game Game Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

last update : March 8, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Northgard Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Shiro Games
  • publisher: Shiro Games
  • platform: PC

The plot of the game tells a story about a group of wiking explorers, who after years of tedious journeys discover a mysterious, resource-rich land called Northgard. The most courageous of the sailors quickly decided to explore it, wanting to bring fame and glory to their gods and clans, and become a part of history. However, before they can return to their homes, the group will have to face the numerous dangers awaiting them in the new world.

Northgard’s gameplay was inspired by classic real-time strategy games series such as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, or The Settlers. The developers didn’t limit themselves to replaying typical genre staples like resource gathering, settlement expansion, and group on group combat. As the action of the game takes place in far north, Shiro Games decided to introduce survival elements: one of our objectives is to care for our clan’s safety and survival during long and frosty winters.

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