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Kelley | Boss battle NiOh Guide

Finally, a fight with Kelley - Kelley | Boss battle - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
Finally, a fight with Kelley

When your adventure draws to an end, you will be fighting dark mage Kelley. In itself, the battle is difficult, because you have to pay attention at all times. It is a good thing to have as many healing items with you as possible and, if possible, the amulet of idleness, thanks to which you slow Kelley down. His blows may not deal too much damage, but if you are not focused, the blue bar can drop to zero pretty quickly. While fighting at close range, it is best to dodge and attack the boss from behind, or from the side. Then, you move back to a safe distance. The boss's attack that you should especially pay attention to is his jabbing his hand into your character. This attack deals a lot of damage and replenishes Kelley's health. Also, the boss uses a magic shield that you can break by landing several blows. But there is no point in wasting Chi on that.

Attacks you should be familiar with to win:

  1. Hand jab into the character - this attack deals massive damage and replenishes the opponent's health bar. It is best to dodge this attack back or to the side. After that, you will have the opportunity to land two or three blows.
  2. Blade jab - easy to block. After that, you will have some time to land your blows.
  3. Snake from the ground - Kelley lets a snake under the ground and it surfaces in the spot where you are standing. To avoid taking damage, take two steps to the side.
  4. Snake throw - the boss throws a snake at you. You can either dodge or block this attack.
  5. Warp - Kelley warps near your position and attacks with the spear, or attempts to jab his hand into your character. When you spot that he is preparing to do that, it is best to remain in constant movement.
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