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NiOh Game Guide

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The Trail of the Master | Side missions NiOh Guide

This chapter features a complete walkthrough for the mission The Trail of the Master. Here you will find a solution to all challenges from the side plot of the story. It will help you in completing this mission in best way possible.

Mission level



Highest Quality Tamahagane x4

Whetstone x2

Hyottoko Mask x2

Amrita 12388

Gold 26500

Destroy the Nurikabe - The Trail of the Master | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide
Destroy the Nurikabe

In this mission you must check if Grandpa Senji Tome, who went to the baths, is all right. The mission starts near the shrine. Go to the balconies and then turn into the first open door on the right. Inside you will be attacked by a ninja and a fiend. Once they are defeated, collect the items. Among them there will be a wooden plate "I". In the room you will also find a hot bath.

Go forward and on the right you will see a room with stairs. Next to them there is Kodama. Keep going across the balcony. You will face ninja and dwellers that are bigger than usual. After entering the next room you must defeat enemies. Here you will find a hot spring and Nurikabe blocking path to the next hot spring.

Use the platform - The Trail of the Master | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide
Use the platform

Search all the rooms on the higher floor. Here you will find hot springs and wooden plates. Enter the platform after checking all rooms and you will ride down. Jump from the platform before it reaches the ground - get on the beams. There you can collect wooden plate "ha" and Kodama. At the bottom, behind the door, you will participate in a hard battle. You will face Flying Bolts and Raven. Fully charged living weapon will be helpful here. After the battle you will receive a back key. Use it, open the door, speak to the old man and the mission will end.

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