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NiOh Game Guide

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Demon Hunting | Side missions NiOh Guide

This chapter features a complete walkthrough for the mission Demon Hunting. Here you will find solution to the challenges from the sub plot of the story. It will help you in completing the mission in best way possible.

Mission level



Famed Samurai's Locks x1

Red Demon Armor: kabuto (L)

Red Demon Armor: kote (L)

Spirit Iron Fragment x6

Amrita 9936

Gold 18300

Once again you will face Onryoki - Demon Hunting | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide
Once again you will face Onryoki

This mission takes place on three areas located next to each other. Your objective is to defeat specific sets of yokai. Before the battle you should make sure that the living weapon is loaded - it might be very useful here. If you have proper state of onmyo magic, you should also invest into sloth talisman - it will effectively slow down your opponents for some time.

Below you will find a description of opponents you will face in specific waves. If you die, you don't have to repeat the battle with all opponents you defeated so far.

Wave 1 - you will be attacked by a yoki and by four Oni-bi ghosts. In first order defeat the ghosts and then focus on the yoki.

Wave 2 - a single yoki with two swords. He is similar to other opponents of this type you faced before. The battle is simple because you face only one enemy.

Wave 3 - a regular yoki and amrita fiend. The battle is quite hard because you face two strong enemies simultaneously. The living weapon and the sloth talisman will be useful.

Wave 4 - two Wheelmonks. A hard battle because the enemies are fast and they deal great damage. It is best to first focus the attacks on one enemy and kill him before you take down the second one.

Wave 5 - The last wave. You will face a few Oni-bis and your old friend Onryoki. The battle with the latter is same as in one of the first missions. Detailed description can be found in the boss fights chapter.

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