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NiOh Game Guide

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White Tiger | Boss battle NiOh Guide

In this chapter you can find numerous advices that can make the boss fight easier.

You should use your chance and attack the enemy at the beginning of the fight when the boss doesnt move - White Tiger | Boss battle - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
You should use your chance and attack the enemy at the beginning of the fight when the boss doesn't move

As the title suggests, here, we must face a giant cat. Despite of how it may look, the fight is rather easy. You just have to be cautious and follow your plan. At the beginning of the fight, you should run to the boss and deal him damage because the Tiger will stand motionless. Sadly, the enemy is constantly facing us and performs all attacks from that stance which means that it is hard to aim at the rear paws. The best way to fight this enemy is to get closer to him, wait for a right moment, hit the boss and run away. A perfect chance for making an attack that deals a lot of damage is to hit the boss when he shoots a beam. Dodge to a side and run to him in order to attack the head. This takes away a lot of health. You should also equip yourself with fire amulet because the enemy is vulnerable to that element. Also, your armor should be rather light so you won't use too much Ki.

The White Tiger has a few attacks:

  1. Standard attacks - the enemy uses his front paws alternately to attack. The best way to avoid damage is to run away from them or block. When the attacks are over we have a moment to deal a few attacks and then run away.
  2. Charge - this attack is rather dangerous because it deals a lot of damage. We must be very cautious because the boss' wings can also hurt us.
  3. Beam - an attack during which we can deal a lot of damage. When you notice that the enemy prepares for the attack, you must dodge to a side and run to him. Attack the head to deal massive damage.
  4. Tail attack - during this attack, the enemy spins around and deals damage with his tail and wings. The best way to avoid being hurt is to dodge. I don't recommend attacking after this move because the boss prepares for another attack immediately.
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