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Yuki-onna | Boss battle NiOh Guide

In this chapter you can find numerous advices that can make the boss fight easier.

You will have to face this boss - Yuki-onna | Boss battle - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
You will have to face this boss

This enemy is a woman in a form of an ice demon. Besides normal physical damage, her attacks also deal damage from ice. Before you fight her, you should equip yourself with armor and accessories that protect and increase your defense to a particular element. The fight itself is rather difficult because of the speed of her attacks. A weapon that deals damage at a medium distance is perfect for this fight, e.g. spears. Besides armor and weapons, you should also equip yourself with fire amulet because the enemy is rather vulnerable to this element. Hyokotto Mask is useful here because it allows you to spit fire. The fight is very dynamic - it focuses on running to the enemy, dealing one hit and jumping back to a safe distance. This must be repeated a few dozen times. You must also watch out for her attacks that must be either blocked or dodged.

Yuki-onna has a few attacks.

  1. Regular hits - a series of attacks with a spear that can be blocked or dodged. After that she makes a brief pause which can be used by us to deal her damage.
  2. Ice crystals - this attack can deal a lot of damage if we are in its range. Yuki-onna thrusts the spear into ground which causes sharp ice spikes to emerge from ground. When she prepares this attack, we should keep safe distance but when she uses it we can run to her and deal damage.
  3. Ice shards - ice crystals that appear in the air and hit you with great force. This attack can be blocked or dodged. You can dash forward and attack.
  4. Flying spear - a very dangerous attack. The boss throws her spear at you. It may happen that you won't have enough Ki during block and you may receive some damage. The best solution is to dodge in the right moment. When you do that, you can also run to her and deal damage because the enemy has no weapons for a brief moment.
  5. Frost breath - another attack during which we can deal a few hits. You simply have to dodge and run to the enemy.
  6. Charge - a very dangerous attack. The best way to avoid it is to dodge. If you fail, you will receive a lot of damage. However, if you succeed then you can attack ones and move away from her at a safe distance.
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