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NiOh Game Guide

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Joro-Gumo | Boss battle NiOh Guide

In this chapter you can find numerous advices that can make the boss fight easier.

The fight takes place in an arena inside of a castle - Joro-Gumo | Boss battle - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
The fight takes place in an arena inside of a castle

This boss is a hybrid of a human and a giant spider. The fight itself focuses on blocking enemy attacks or dodging them and using single attacks. Hitting abdomen deals the biggest amount of damage. You should equip a weapon that gives you a lot of protection from attacks. In my case, an axe was a great solution even though I use sword throughout the entire game. An axe gives a good protection from enemy attacks and it deals a lot of damage with single hits which should be used in this fight.

Before you start the fight, you should equip yourself with a few useful items such as bombs and amulets that enchant weapons with elements.

Joro-Gumo has a few types of attacks:

  1. Single hits - when the enemy is close to you it can perform a few attacks alternately. These attacks are easy to block or dodge.
  2. Grab - it may happen that Joro-Gumo will grab you with her claws and try to rip apart. If you allow her to grab you, you will receive a lot of damage and be stunned for a moment.
  3. Spitting spider web - the enemy spits spider web that stays on the arena for a moment. Entering that area slows down your moves.
  4. Releasing spider web - similarly to other spiders, this enemy also releases a string of spider web towards us. If we dodge to a side, we don't receive any damage. However, blocking it also deals no damage but it inflicts slowdown status. If our block wasn't successful, we receive damage and we are slowed down.
  5. Jump - the spider jumps on us from a height. The best way to avoid damage is to dodge.
  6. Abdomen attack - when we take all of the enemy's Ki, she will hide her legs for a moment and attacks us with her abdomen. We can either block or dodge this attack.

The entire fight is rather schematic. The enemy keeps repeating her attacks which makes Joro-Gumo a rather easy target when we learn all her moves and we know how they are telegraphed. The best way to deal damage is to attack the abdomen because this hurts her a lot. You should also be on move and wait for a right moment to attack and move back.

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