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NiOh Game Guide

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The Bridge of Bone | Side missions NiOh Guide

This chapter is a complete guide for The Bridge of Bone quest. Here, you will find a walkthrough, as beneficial as possible, for this side quest.

Mission level



Gesture - Stifle A Laugh

Smithing Text: Sticky Pot

Young Samurai's Lock x1

Ambush Unit Armor Suneate

Amrita - 2408

Gold- 18100

Mission objective

In this quest, you have to defeat a group of enemies that are located on a bridge which takes majority of the space of this location. In each of the four segments, you will have to face enemies that come in waves. This is similar to what you could have experienced in the previous side missions.

You must pay extra attention to holes in the bridge because they can end a fight in an instant - The Bridge of Bone | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

You must pay extra attention to holes in the bridge because they can end a fight in an instant. Another important information is that you move in a very restricted space during the fights. If you manage to secure a certain part of the bridge then you don't have to fight with the same monsters again, even after dying. This makes this mission much easier.

After completing all goals of this missions, you can search the chests that are located on the other side of the bridge.

The course of the mission

Below, you can find a list of demons that you must defeat on particular parts of the bridge.

Section 1

Phase 1: Yoki, supported by a skeleton with a bow. If you don't feel the timing of how fast an archer shoots then you should eliminate him first. Otherwise, you can focus on Yoki.

Phase 2: Giant skeleton and Oni-Bi. The skeleton has a very long reach but if you manage to dodge him, you should defeat Oni-Bi first. They will also enchant your weapon with wind.

Section 2

Phase 1: Two Lesser Umi-Bozu. Everything that deals fire damage will be useful here.

Phase 2: Amrita Fiend. His attacks are enchanted with power of wind.

Section 3

Phase 1: Wheelmonk. Try to keep a medium distance after each attack, otherwise, he will quickly push you into one of the holes in the bridge.

Phase 2: Oni-Bi and Onyudo. Eliminate Oni-Bi first. After that, the fight will be much easier.

Section 4

You should run to the area close to the end of the map, do it before the demons appear. Thanks to that you gain a lot of space for dodges and you will lower your chance of falling into water.

Phase 1: Giant and small skeleton. Watch out for spear thrusts performed by the smaller skeleton because they can easily throw you off balance.

Phase 2: Skeleton + Oni-Bi + Amrita Fiend. Start with eliminating the enemy that is the most vulnerable. If your Guardian Spirit bar is full then you can use your Living Weapon.

Phase 3: One-Eyed Oni. You only need to use dodges and perform accurate attacks. The enemy has no special abilities.

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