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The Magatama of Fire | Side missions NiOh Guide

This chapter contains a complete walkthrough for the mission The Magatama of Fire. Here you will find solution to challenges from the side mission of the story. It will help you in completing the mission in best way possible.

Mission level



High quality Tamahagane x4

Quality ingot x6

Quality wood x6

Amrita - 4068

Gold - 12400

Mission objective

In this mission you will once again visit the area from The Silver Mine Writhes. This time you will only explore the area from the last Shrine to the boss arena which in this case is filled with regular opponents.

In the mentioned place you will find an opponent whom you havent had an opportunity to meet before - The Magatama of Fire | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

In the mentioned place you will find an opponent whom you haven't had an opportunity to meet before. He is presented on the above picture. There two opponents like that in the whole mission, but you will finish the mission once you defeat the one stationed in the area where you fought the centipede.

The course of the mission

Similarly as in the main mission, your first objective is to unlock the shortcut to the area where you previously fought the boss. The setting of ladders and scaffoldings is same as before. The only difference is that now you will encounter stronger opponents. You should search all corridors, there are many treasures hidden there.

After unlocking the shortcut the mission becomes much easier, so don't forget about that. Further part of the mission depends only on you. First you must use the machine that will disable the poisonous fog. Then jump down and destroy the two objects that generate the poison.

You can search through all the areas and neutralize the opponents hidden there or you can get close to the fog on the right (looking from the entrance to the arena) on the lower level. The giant from the previous picture is hidden there. Eliminate him with the elements and the guardian spirit. Once he dies, collect the items he drops. This will enable you to immediately finish the mission.

The mission is well paid and you can greatly increase your gold resources with a bit of effort. However, remember that with each attempt you must unlock the shortcut anew.

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