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NiOh Game Guide

Table of Contents

Tachibana Muneshige | NiOh Boss Encounters

In the chapter below you can find a few useful tips that can make the boss fight easier. This chapter contains descriptions for both mandatory and side quest fights with that enemy.

Each topic is discussed in a separate section.

Mission: The Spirit Stone Slumbers

In this section you can find tips for the first fight with that boss.

It should be noted that in this mission, the fight is rather symbolic because the boss is not fighting with full strength. He uses a limited amount of attacks and is very vulnerable to physical attacks. You shouldn't have much problems with defeating him even during your first try. You only have to observe him very closely and treat him like a normal enemy.

The columns, that you can find in the center of the arena, play an important role during this fight. They allow you to hide before enemy's attacks, which in turn, lets you enchant your weapon, use an elixir or regenerate Ki. The boss in unable to destroy those columns and going around them takes him some time.

Before the fight

Should bring with you some Horuko-damas, Moment talismans and amulets that allow you to enchant your weapon with elements. Most of enemy's attacks are based on his sword. His special attacks are hard to block or dodge so you should equip spear which gives you a greater reach than his normal attacks.

Because in this fight you don't face a demon from Yokai Realm you should use Yokai Water Pots to weaken his Ki regeneration. He doesn't use his Ki Pulse very often so there is a chance that you will be able to weaken and finish him quickly. The Living Weapon bar is also something that you should remember.

The fight

The fight takes place in one of the catacomb's chambers. As I've mentioned earlier, there are two columns in the arena that you can use to get the upper hand, for example, creating a Yokai Realm portal between them and lure the boss there.

Most of the combinations, that the boss uses, are not that different from what your protagonist can learn. Because of that, it is important to observe his stances and react accordingly. The boss is not resistant to any of the elements so you can choose the one that you want. Control the Ki and dodge his attacks. When the boss is a little bit tired you can easily stun him and hit with strong attack.

Besides the basic attacks, this boss has some special attacks, although he uses them rarely.

1. Using the bow - when his Ki is less than half, Tachibana Muneshige will use the bow to damage you and slow you down. By doing that, he gives himself the time to regenerate Ki. This attack is only used when he is in medium range. If you can, try to jump forward. You probably won't avoid the arrows but the distance between you and him will get shorter, forcing Muneshige to change his tactic. The maximum number of shots with a single use is 2.

2. Charge - Muneshige draws a circle with his sword and sheathes it. After that, he charges at you and uses a quick-draw attack. It is very hard to dodge. However, it is possible - you have to dodge to the right just before he reaches you, which requires a lot of skill. Stay close to the columns and when you notice that he draws a circle with his sword, hide behind the column. Muneshige does the charge at you but he will hit the column. After that, he is fatigued which gives you a perfect chance for a counterattack.

3. Quick-draw attack - an attack similar to the one above but here you can only see that he sheathes the sword and runs at you. The difference here is that in the previous attack, during its final stage, he makes a huge leap but now he only runs towards you. You can use columns to defend yourself or make a dodge during the last stage of his combination.

4. Heart grab - the boss lifts his right hand. After that, the hand glows red. This attack has a short distance and, in default, it hits the hero's chest. But this attack is signaled long before it is used. You should not block it but rather jump back twice.

Remember that dodging enemy's attacks is a good way to get him tired, the same goes for overwhelming him by using attacks in low stance. If a situation really calls for it, you can use Moment talisman to get a support of a Guardian Spirit. React accordingly to your enemy's basic attacks by using fitting stances so your guard won't get broken.

Mission: Invitation from the Warrior of the West

In this section you will find advice related to the second encounter with the mentioned boss. While the first fight with him is mandatory, the second can be ignored if you don't intend to complete every plot in the game.

Like in the first fight, during the second encounter you can use your surroundings to obtain great advantage - Tachibana Muneshige | NiOh Boss Encounters - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide

Like in the first fight, during the second encounter you can use your surroundings to obtain great advantage. More specifically, you can use the large rock located to the left from the starting point of the mission. The distance between the rock and the end of the arena is very small. Thanks to that you can effectively use Yokai Water Pots in this area. Remember that the boss is a human, so the Yokai Realm works against him in same way as it works on you. If you weaken his Ki, you can easily defeat him with a few finishers.

The stone is also effective in avoiding the spirit guardian frequently summoned by the boss. The stone will also enable you to avoid most of the strongest and signalized attacks of the opponents. It will also provide you with a moment to regenerate Ki, health or to enchant the weapon with elements.

Shooting the opponent's head is a good way to reduce his health before the battle starts. After an accurate shot the opponent will fall, enabling you to run towards him and hit him with a finisher. If due to a large number of attempts you use all bullets, then activate any other mission, gather ammunition and leave the mission by using the Himorogi Fragment.

Before the battle

You must definitely equip armors with high defense multiplier and highest possible resistance to lightning. The boss enchants his weapon with the element and his spirit puts you under a lightning effect. You should select equipment that won't burden you more than to the medium level. The boss is quite fast. Because of that, slow movements can quickly eliminate you.

As mentioned before, you should prepare many bullets that will be useful for initiating the combat. In my case spear was the best weapon as it has greater range than the sword, but this choice should depend on your play style.

The fight

All attacks you faced during the previous encounter will be repeated in this one. Instead of copying their description, I will focus on ruses which the boss hadn't used before. I won't focus on all basic sword-based attacks.

Guardian spirit summoning - the boss summons his guardian spirits who hits you with lightning and takes your Ki after a few seconds. If the boss hits you, he will leave an aura around you which makes lightning damage you receive greater. You can avoid the attack by dashing to the side when the spirit will fly at you.

Lightning hit - the boss will raise his sword above his right arm. After a moment it will be enchanted with lightning and will swing his sword horizontally. The hit has short range and all you need to do is jump backwards to avoid it.

Three hits from the sheath - the boss draws a sign with his sword and he hides it. Then he runs at you and then he pulls out his sword with a series of three attacks. You must dodge it as blocking can consume your whole Ki.

Even when you aren't using the protection of the stone, the most important thing is that you mustn't stand with your back facing the edge of the arena. Some attacks are easier to dodge by retreating from their range. If you won't have where to retreat, you will quickly receive a few stronger hits that will greatly reduce the number of your elixirs.

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