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Wreathed in Flame | Side missions NiOh Guide

The chapter below is a complete walkthrough for Wreathed in Flame. In this chapter, you will find a walkthrough for the side missions, which will let you complete it in the best way possible.

Mission level



Hyottoko Mask x1;

Spirit Iron Chunk x3;

Kayakudama x3

Amrita - 5448

Gold - 9600

Mission objectives

In this mission, you travel back to the location where you have started your adventure in Japan. The locations available in this mission are: the surroundings of the ship, the cave and the entire area of the burned village. Your objective is to get rid of the Monks patrolling the entire village.

If this is your first encounter with burning wheels, you have to know that they perform an unmarked attack and they ram into you. While at short range, it is better to block at all times.

Before you start the mission, search the vicinities of the ship and of the cave. There, you will find a dweller and a devil, but they should not pose too much of a challenge at this stage. Also, visit the Shrine in the harbor.

The first monk

The path leads in the same direction as in the main mission - Wreathed in Flame | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

The path leads in the same direction as in the main mission. You encounter the first monk right at the first burning households. You can take any alley free of flames, or head towards the estate and reach the location over rooftops. In one of the alleys, you encounter a dweller, and a dweller and a skeleton in another one. Eliminate the opponents and face the Monk.

It is always a good idea to start a fight with your Living Weapon charged up. This makes battles with those slightly unpredictable opponents much easier.

After the battle, you will have to walk out to a small yard. There, you will find a dweller. Defeat him, climb up the ladder and enter the are cut off by flames over rooftops.

The second monk

Just like in the main mission, the rooftop of one of the houses is damaged. Get around the hole and reach house with a ladder. Instead of climbing up the ladder, jump down into the alley. This way, you will have avoided opponents in this area.

This time around, you will find a Shrine here - Wreathed in Flame | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

This time around, you will find a Shrine here. Using it will make the mission much easier. Finally, take the alley to reach the house at the end. After you climb up, you will be attacked by a devil from the right. The Monk is patrolling the nearby area, so as soon as you lure the devil away, drag the Monk inside. Fighting against the devil and the Monk at the same time may be too demanding.

During the fight with the Monk, try not to move too far into the area that you have not yet explored. There are many dwellers there.

The third monk

Finally, you will have to climb onto the tower and walk over the rooftops to the second part of the village. The path is blocked off by devil Yoki. Wait for him to walk away, to the nearest rooftop and reach the house by the fence. Kick the ladder, just like during the main mission.

The Monk is patrolling a yard, near which the is a barrel with water - Wreathed in Flame | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

The Monk is patrolling a yard, near which the is a barrel with water. You can throw it down to unlock a shortcut. Defeat the devil and then, eliminate the skeleton, lurking on one of the rooftops. As soon as you do that, you can face the Monk.

It is important for you not to leave the mission area after you kill the last Monk. You can then walk safely over to the area cut off by flames and collect all treasures. Do not worry about the flames, they will not damage you.

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