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Kanbei and the Overlord | Side missions NiOh Guide

The chapter below is a complete walkthrough for Kanbei and the Overlord. In this chapter, you will find a walkthrough for the side missions, which will let you complete it in the best way possible.

Mission level



Guardian spirit - Mizuchi

Heshikiri Hasebe sword;

Smithing blueprint: Heshikiri Hasebe

Smithing blueprint: Legendary Strategist Garb: kinu

Amrita - 3000

Gold - 8600

Reach the trial location

You start the mission near the second Shrine on the map for Deep in Shadows. The path leads you in the direction opposite to that, where you went during the main mission. While leaving the safe zone, you could find the treasure on the left. Head towards the healing spring. First, deal with the large skeleton hiding in the fog in the first cave on the right. Thanks to this, you will be able to loot a chest.

The second cave (or rather a corridor) on the right is empty - Kanbei and the Overlord | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

The second cave (or rather a corridor) on the right is empty. After you approach the banshee summoning portal [1], the warrior will appear without you interacting with it. Drag him towards the Shrine and deal with him. Then, air attack the opponent with lute [2]. Thanks to this, you will avoid fighting with revenants he summons.

You can use the spring, which should make forthcoming battles easier. First, deal with the dweller who is throwing bombs at you from the ledge above. You should save some projectiles to get him down. The next one is a devil patrolling the area. Try to remain in the center of the location and try to push the devil into the chasm. At the end of this level, you will spot a dweller, but do not kill him yet. If you attack him, another dweller, hiding in the corridor on the right, will easily kill you. Then, head towards the upper level of the cave.

Along your path, you do not encounter any opponents, but every summoning portal activates spontaneously, as soon as you come closer - Kanbei and the Overlord | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

Along your path, you do not encounter any opponents, but every summoning portal activates spontaneously, as soon as you come closer. One of the banshees is waiting for you in the first chamber on the left (from the perspective of climbing up). Also, there is a Shrine there, which will be your field base for the forthcoming trial. In the chamber with the altar, there is an opponent with mandolin. You can easily eliminate him using a ranged weapon. To collect the items he drops, you will have to go to the cave above. Inside, you will find a large skeleton. There is no way to sneak past him, so use the advantage the first blow gives you. Collect all the treasures and get ready for your trial.

The trial

To complete the mission, you will have to stand the trial of combat. There are several phases to it, intermittent with 2 second breaks. Each phase ends after you have defeated all the opponents in that phase. The trial takes place in a large chamber atop the corridor. During the mission, you can use rooms such as pantry or the boss's room, but the way ahead is off limits. Another important thing is that starting the trial blocks off the way to the shrine. If you die in any of the phases, you will have to take the trial over again.

It is a good idea to start the fights with your Living Weapon all charged up. If you have been defeated, summon the spirit, or retrieve it and use soul stones. Phase three is a perfect opportunity to use the potential of the guardian spirit.

Phase 1: Face two skeleton warriors. It is a good tactic to use the ledge leading to the boss's room.

Phase 2: Defeat two heads spitting fire. Definitely, this one is the easiest part of the mission. It is a good idea to drag the battle on for a while to regenerate your health.

Phase 3: Defeat large skeleton and devil both at the same time. The arena and you could use it to separate the opponents from each other. The key aspect of this phase is Living Weapon. What makes things complicated that near the door to the boss's room is a skeleton archer. Leave him for the very end, because he does not come closer and you will have time to regenerate after fighting the strong opponents.

Phase 4: If you have not yet activated the banshee by the door to the boss's room, you will have to fight him anyways. He will be accompanied by three fire-spitting heads and large skeleton. The only upside is that if you kill the banshee, he will not appear again.

After phase four ends, you have to enter the boss's room and kill the monk with lute there. This ends the mission. The arena will still be locked up, but it is better to search it anyways.

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