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NiOh Game Guide

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How to develop your hero in NiOh?

This chapter is a set of tips that can help you in developing your character.

Choosing your weapon

Between the first and the second mission you must choose which weapon you want to use. But the choice won't bind you to that particular type of weapon because later you can change what you want to use and develop your character with different equipment in mind. However, the choice in the beginning of the game will have an impact on certain statistics.


Core Stat


Heart +1

Dual Swords

Skill +1


Body +1


Strength +1


Dexterity +1

The choice should be determined by your preferences and play style. During the prolog you can get a grasp of various weapon types but the ability to mix them up is also very important.

Let's assume that your main weapon is an axe. It allows you to deal a lot of damage but, regardless of your stance, the attacks are slow and their reach is medium. If this play style suits you then you should choose your equipment so it will fill some gaps in this configuration. Spears give you longer reach. Dual swords allow you to attack faster. Kusarigama is a peculiar weapon that can be used in various situations but the process of you mastering it may take some time.

What is more, the game allows you to unlock additional attacks and abilities for each weapon. If you decide that after a few missions the weapon that you choose is not very useful to you, you can spend the Samurai skill points to unlock abilities for a different weapon. But you can't change your weapons all the time because some abilities are very expensive which means that you can't unlock them unless you focus on a particular weapon.


Core stats are connected with a type of weapon that you use. The stats, visible in the table above, are related to a given type of weapon. Every time, when you raise a particular stat, you increase the effectiveness of actions that are connected to a particular weapon.

You should remember that increasing a core stat has an impact on other statistics which means that more than one core stat is responsible for a particular battle or additional one. Each core stat has a different impact on other statistics. More information can be found in the chapter dedicated to your hero's development.

Can you undo the changes and distribute your points again?

Yes, you can do this thanks to the Book of Reincarnation that you can buy from the blacksmith. This item allows you to distribute the core stats points differently than you did before. The Book can only be used in the screen between the missions.

When you use it, you get back all of your points and the Book disappears. This may be done as many times as you want but each time, when you buy the Book, the cost of the item goes up.

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