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Kodama Blessings | Your character NiOh Guide

This chapter is dedicated to those peculiar, green ghosts that you can come across during the main missions in the game. By sending them to Shrines you can get various profits which are described in this chapter.


During each of the main story missions you can come across green creatures, similar to those that you could already notice near the Shrines. Interact with them and they will be sent to your Shrine, allowing you to use their support.

Kodama Ghosts can be hard to find, that is why this guide contains annotations for each mission where you can learn about Kodamas' locations. After getting all of the ghosts you should see a message popping up so if you haven't seen it, you should check out the description of a given mission and verify the locations marked in green color. As you may notice, Kodamas aren't the same. They can be distinguished by the vessels that they carry on their heads.

Kodama can be found in a least expected place.. - Kodama Blessings | Your character - Your character - NiOh Game Guide
Kodama can be found in a least expected place..

Searching for Kodamas is made easier by the fact that when you access blessings menu during a mission you can see a number of ghosts that are hidden in a location. Also, the number of already discovered ghosts is also visible.

There are five types of ghosts and each can support your hero in a different way. The number of ghosts that you've send to a Shrine has an impact on the blessings and the profits that they offer.

Besides that, the number of ghosts in your Shrine has an impact on the number of elixirs that you receive when you are reborn. You may think that one elixir is nothing special but it may sometimes save your life during a difficult fight.

Types of blessings

As I've previously mentioned, the ghosts are different. Each type of a ghosts is in charge of one of five types of blessings that you can use during exploration. You can get up to five ghosts per blessing.

Every time when you want to change a blessing, you must pay 100 gold but the amount of money is rather symbolic when you see how much gold you can get throughout the game.




Increase the amount of Amrita acquired by 5/10/15/20/25%

This option is useful when we want to level up faster. But also the more Amrita you get, the faster you are able to use the Living Weapon which allows you to use this type of attack more often. The percentage gets higher by 5 with each new Kodama acquired.




Increase weapon drop rate by 1/2/3/4/5%

As you can notice, the maximum percentage for this blessing is much lower than for other types. This is, of course, to keep the balance in the game. If you think that, even though you know your weapon well, it is rather useless and a boss fight is near, you should use this blessing. You can sell or dismantle the excess weapons and, what is the most important, sacrifice them in Shrines which allows you to get additional profits that can be helpful during your journey.




Increase armor drop rate by 1/2/3/4/5%

The situation is similar to the one above. Remember that this blessing is related to the number of armor gained and not their rarity or statistics.




Increase elixir drop rate by 5/10/15/20/25%

This blessing is especially useful before a boss fight when the path from the checkpoint to an arena is full of enemies and you want to keep your, already possessed, potions intact. The blessing loses its usefulness as you offer more and more items in Shrines which allows you to get more elixirs upon respawning.




Increase drop rate of materials by 5/10/15/20/25%

An all-purpose blessing that is not especially useful during a particular mission but it allows you to begin new quests with a better equipment. Remember that you can start a mission and get a required amount of materials and then, in any moment, go back to the starting point losing only an unused amount of Amrita. The rarity of a particular item is also important, although it depends on randomness factor.

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