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NiOh Game Guide

Table of Contents

Derrick the Executioner | NiOh Boss Encounters

This chapter contains numerous advice on how to defeat your enemy.

Youíll be facing Derrick on top of the London Tower - Derrick the Executioner | NiOh Boss Encounters - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
Youíll be facing Derrick on top of the London Tower

Before the fight

1. Make sure to have a medicine supply before you face the boss. This level sees multiple medicine rewards through spectacular finishing moves. However, donít use them during combat with smaller enemies. If your health is low, return to a Shrine and replenish your health.

2. The area before the boss is guarded by heavily armored knights. Try to lure them one by one, and finish up using a spear, which has greater range than their weapons. Their corpses are a source of heavy armor, which can then be equipped to give your hero additional defense against the boss attacks. Remember that heavy armor eats much more stamina during dodges, so customize your set according to your needs.

3. Take notice of your attack modifier. Before you begin the fight, choose the weapon that has the highest attack value. Each type of weapon has its separate stat, influencing the damage dealt. If you havenít reached the complete proficiency yet, spend some time fighting the guards to increase your skill in the given weapon.

Stage 1

The first stage of the encounter is similar to a fight with a smaller enemy, but Derrick is much faster, while his attack deal more damage and have a larger range. Keep your distance and avoid approaching him when he keeps his guard, and constantly watch his stamina bar and wait until he drops his guard.

During this stage, Derek is very resistible against physical attacks. If youíve managed to make him soak a combination, youíll quickly lower his health points. When that happens, youíll see a cutscene in which your enemy mutates. This marks the beginning of the next stage.

Stage 2

The most important aspect of the second stage is staying close to your opponent. If you pull back, the enemy will perform a characteristic charge with his axe to the ground. You can avoid it easily by making a dodge to the right, or just get off its course if youíve managed to see the action beforehand. Also, avoid staying in the melee distance for longer periods of time.

The boss rests 1-2 seconds after each charge Ė attack him during that period. However, remember to quickly evade and stay out of the melee range after each strike, as Derrick will make a flurry that is lethal to you if you soak every strike. Remember that you can parry when moving back. Such move is very costly when it comes to stamina, but it will allow you to survive the assault.

Once you perform a few successful hits, the Living Weapon mode will become active. Once itís activated, youíll see a short cutscene marking the end of the battle, and the mission will end. You can also defeat the boss in the classic way, but the outcome will be the same. The Living Weapon mode is activated by pressing Triangle and Circle simultaneously.

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